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Access Control


Security can never be compromised ever! And Access control is the best solution, as it can be diversified with any field and scale as a basic element of security. From research institutes, data centers and secure areas to factories, apartments, offices, construction sites, hospitals, schools and banks, access control systems can be a necessity to establishments, attempting physical protection of their property or data from unauthorized people. Our access control solutions based on fingerprint, face recognition, IRIS recognition, card, mobile credentials etc.


Solution Features
  • Zone management (anti-pass back, fire alarm, scheduled lock, schedule unlock, intrusion, interlock, muster)
  • Door, zone, and device status monitoring
  • User permissions management by each door
  • Floor access permissions management (elevator management)
  • Real-time event log monitoring
  • Integration with Visitor Management System

It has become unavoidable to consider the security of those data and information due to the rise in the usage and storage of classified data and information by virtually all companies. There is no room for error in this situation as far as the companies’ security and safety are concerned because the stakes are so high. Access control systems are deployed in workplaces, hospitals, government structures, and other associated facilities for this reason. Access control refers to limiting who has access to a specific place to a predetermined group of people. This guarantees the security and safety of the data and information.

For our valued customers, ScreenCheck Saudi is available to offer a top-notch access control system in Saudi Arabia. As we all know, access management is the practice of selectively restricting access to a location or other resource. In the modern world, where access must be restricted to protect the security of highly sensitive data, there is a significant need for access control systems. We can use a corporate office as an example, where various initiatives are ongoing. It will not be permitted for employees of one project to enter the building or level of another.

The subtle aspects of offering an access control system Saudi Arabia at the organizational level are understood by our team of access control specialists. Depending on the organization’s and business’s size, we offer a flexible choice of solutions that are reasonably priced. To ensure that the solutions are specifically tailored for our customers, we have a team of professionally qualified resources that can immediately identify what is required.

To stay ahead of our rivals, our crew is always updated with the newest technologies. We take full advantage of this advantage. As a result, we are among the top providers of access control system suppliers in the area.

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