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Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System

Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Access Control System   Security is always a major issue for companies of all sizes. Having clear-cut control in granting access to those who are in need of access to certain divisions will benefit your business in many ways. In simple words, defining access according...

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Product Review: Suprema Real Pass V

Product Review: Suprema Real Pass V   Suprema is one of the finest manufacturers of access control related products right now in the global market. Screencheck Saudi, , a leading distributor of Suprema access control systems in Saudi Arabia has a wide array of products that caters to various industry sectors....

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How are documents verified?

How are documents verified?   Ever wondered how your documents are verified and what they check for authentication? Screencheck Saudi, a leading distributor of document verification systems in Saudi Arabia explains. Every individual needs to verify their identity through a government-issued at some point in life, the most common occasion being checking...

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Visitor Management system in use

Visitor Management system in Use   Does your business need a Visitor Management system? If you are confused, this is the article to help you out. Modern Visitor management systems are biometric solutions based on capturing individual features like face, fingerprint, iris etc for providing access to premises. The details captured are...

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Tiso Road blockers for fever Traffic Jams

Tiso Road blockers for fever Traffic Jams   How is Tiso Road Blockers in Saudi Arabia help in managing Traffic jams and help maintain line discipline? Read to know more. Every government across the world thrives to make the best roads for their city as it’s the one main infrastructure that...

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Virdi Ubio- X Pro Review

Virdi Ubio- X Pro Review   Analysing the new Virdi UBio- X Pro by trusted biometric system dealers in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck. Read to know more,   Virdi UBio-X Pro is a face and fingerprint recognition access control system ideal for almost all kinds of environments. An innovative and simple device that is...

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Security gates from Tiso

Security gates from Tiso   Biometric gates have become the new essential for businesses across the world. Tiso speed gates in Saudi Arabia are elegant and efficient security gates that help monitor human movement in a number of ways.   Security gates for business organizations are an ideal option to protect the property...

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Post Pandemic Authentication methods

Post Pandemic Authentication methods   Know more about the biometric systems in Saudi Arabia and the various authentication method they employ to best suit the post-pandemic business.   Authentication is the process of identifying individuals through a biometric system through modals of face, palm, fingerprint etc. Access control uses credentials such as the...

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Iris recognition by Nova Face

Iris recognition by Nova Face   Introducing the advanced iris recognition system in Saudi Arabia, Nova Face. Currently available at Screencheck, the most desirable biometric solution provider in Saudi Arabia.   Iris recognition methods find patterns in the coloured portion of the eye and create a unique signature. Therefore, the iris becomes one...

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Visitor management in Schools

Visitor management in Schools   Parents always visit school to check on their pupils. The record of which is unavailable making school management on a risky terrain. Visitor management system in Saudi Arabia is now implemented in various schools and campuses around the country.   With the educational sector going through a crisis,...

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