Asset tracking in Hospitality Industry


Why is the hospitality sector using asset tracking in full potential? Read on to know how Hotels and Hospitals are moving ahead with RFID asset tracking systems in Saudi Arabia.


Asset management in Saudi Arabia is important for its hospitality sector. As we know the hospitality industry endeavors to offer a comfortable & convenience for every customer. Every owner wants to decrease the cost of lodging without compromising the quality in order to increase customer satisfaction.


The utility of any hotel mainly can be divided into electricity, water, gas, steam. You can save a lot of money & improve profitability by using the right asset management system. For example, consider a hotel, one must understand the working cost in order to save the money. If the hotel has any laundry operation and how many restaurants are there in the hotel. How many rooms are occupied and how many of them are free.


If you are managing a huge hotel brand and have a big hotel chain. Then obviously asset management becomes a critical, complex and exhausting task. Hence, presenting the data information of the hotel on a regular basis is important to track the utility. Asset visibility and Tracking has always been a grey area. It is quite a tedious task to monitor the asset in a hotel where the movement is high.


The challenge in front of hotels is to gather correct and accurate data in a savviest and cost-effective method. Asset visibility and tracking software can provide all the data for a specific customer about how much consumption has done. The information contained in these bills incorporates the data important to deal with the facilitates.


In Saudi Arabia, lately most of the hotels have resorted to asset visibility and tracking solutions to get a hold on the process and also helps management to access productivity on a real time basis.


RFID technology is used in asset tracking systems due to its easiness of reading tags and for conducting audits. The nature of the assets and the usage of the utilities makes conventional systems like bar coding a difficult method for monitoring various utilities inside a hotel. Today low cost RFID systems are available which makes implementing Asset tracking a profit earning method for the hospitality sector.


Benefits of using Asset Visibility and Tracking system in Hospitality sector


  1. With RFID systems, a quick auditing can be done when a customer leaves the premises of the hotel. This was a challenge for the industry before, but now it’s easy and much reliable as human intervention is less.
  2. Asset tags can be removed by the customers thus making it difficult to manage the audit. With RFID tags, these can be placed on utilities where public attention is least received making it almost unidentifiable for the public.
  3. Fixed readers mounted at the entrance and exit points of various zones can help management to monitor assets of a particular area without worrying about others.


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