Major industries supported by RFID

RFID technology has been a great boon to multiple industries across the globe. Screencheck, one of the leading RFID distributors in Saudi Arabia, is providing product and service to many industries.


RFID in Healthcare



RFID is a boon to the health sector in Saudi Arabia. From getting information regarding blood in a blood bank to tracking a patient’s details, RFID is used in almost every department of the health sector. Sometimes RFID tags in Saudi Arabia are worn on the patient’s wrist, ankle or on anything that the patient carries. This can help doctors to get data regarding the patient as well as monitor his/her activities through the admission.


RFID in Supply Chain



Logistics is the key to growth in any economy, Saudi Arabia is no different. Every company depends on logistics in one way or the other. RFID can help logistics to flow smoothly across demand and supply. Companies lose business due to error in transportation or because of delayed delivery. With RFID in Saudi Arabia, now goods and trucks can be tracked or monitored in a warehouse.  This saves money and manpower for the company.


RFID in sales



When you check out of a shop, the cashier scans a tag fixed on the material you have bought. This enables the management to keep a track on the material, their stock and when to order the next goods. RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia thus enables companies to create a demand and supply pattern for their products. The store can monitor how many items have been sold on a particular day, how many items have been delivered from the warehouse and other data. Data retrieval can be done at convenience with RFID.


RFID in surveillance



RFID’s can be used for surveillance just like how items are monitored in a store. People can be put on surveillance using RFID in places like prison, rehabilitation centers or inside a high-security government establishment.


During major events happening inside a stadium or an open space where 2 lakh people are expected to show up, organizers use an RFID tag to differentiate guests and to streamline the division. This can avoid unnecessary confusions and mess during the program.


RFID is a simple technology that has the potential to ease life and maintain order. Screencheck provides some of the best RFID readers and antennas in Saudi Arabia. They are the most recommended RFID distributor in Saudi Arabia. Experts at Screencheck will give you a walk-through on various RFID systems that are currently available in the market.