New Firmware update for IMPINJ Readers and Gateways

Know more about the Octane 7 update released by Impinj for its readers and Gateways. You can check with Screencheck for assistance and support.

Your Impinj is smarter and better with the Impinj Octane 7.0 firmware update. The update can be received on all major Impinj readers and gateways, including Speedways, xArray, xSpan, and xPortal. The new update upgrades the Octane 7.0 firmware for the Impinj reader and gateways making it more reliable and secure.

In the news, Impinj has extended its support and enabled regulatory certificates for Speedway R420  in the countries, Indonesia, Morocco and Vietnam. The update is compatible with Impinj reader and gateway printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) versions 5 and 6. The upgrade takes just minutes and can be installed to all Impinj gateways individually or in the group.

The update can be installed easily with no costs on readers or gateways on devices which have hardware warranty, extended warranty, enhanced maintenance contract, firmware licensing, or Impinj item sense maintenance package.

Keeping the software updated is essential to maintain higher security features in Impinj products. Updating to Octane 7.0 ensures that the current speedway-based solutions are Impinj-R7000 ready. Screencheck provides comprehensive solutions for RFID systems in Dubai. Screencheck is also your Impinj authorized partner to get access to the new firmware.

In another Impinj update, Impinj R700 Reader Honored with Design Award Recognition. The award is recognized for thoughtful design, outstanding insight, creativity, intent and execution in Core77 Design Awards. Core 77 is a place of gathering for an industrial designer for outstanding achievements in utility, insight and creativity.