Post Pandemic Authentication methods

Know more about the biometric systems in Saudi Arabia and the various authentication method they employ to best suit the post-pandemic business.

Authentication is the process of identifying individuals through a biometric system through modals of face, palm, fingerprint etc. Access control uses credentials such as the face, fingerprint, pin, password etc. With passing times, authentication processes using apps, QR and barcodes, and Bluetooth are used for cross-checking identity. The pandemic has induced new technologies to access control to eradicate the method of touch for authentication. Companies in Saudi Arabia are preferring Contactless Credentials more such as Face, Palm Vein, Bluetooth, QR Code based, GPS based and RFID card. Let’s understand all of them one by one which can be the new demand for the new normal. Screencheck is one of the prime distributors of time and access control in Saudi Arabia. Screencheck experts explain some of the most common access control,

1. Face recognition

Face recognition is widely used all over the world due to its high efficiency, accuracy and 100% security. Before installing the face recognition system you must know about different applications which prove that the system is more efficient than other conventional security systems. It includes a variety of applications and possesses extremely different features for the best suitability in various environments. Usually, there are three main applications supported by biometric systems. These applications are visitor management system, time attendance system and access control system. All of these have different features and functions from each other. They are suitable to install inside or outside the premises and as per the requirement of your building. With its high level of accuracy, it enhances the security of any premise. Face recognition is based on deep learning technology. The technology codes the face pattern, a digital string that describes each face information is gathered. Two face patterns when cross-checked, the same output defines the identification. This means that the neural network must be trained to automatically identify different features of faces and produce numbers based on that.
Palm Vein Recognition

A blood vessel pattern has been used for authentication. It is believed that it is more secure than face recognition, as veins patterns are unique and can’t be duplicated. It’s a contactless and hygienic technique that will work out even if the hands are dirty or wet.
RFID Technology

It is like barcoding in that data from a tag or engraving are gotten by a contraption that stores the data in a database. RFID, in any case, has several extraordinary conditions over structures that utilize standardized distinctive confirmation resources following programming. The most striking is that this mark data can be analyzed outside the view, anyway standardized conspicuous bits of evidence must concur with an optical scanner. Then the system grants or denies access to the user based on the Information received.
GPS Location or Wi-Fi

GPS location uses mobile technology. This helps to track employees movement and collect data regarding attendance. It helps with attendance correction issues for every employee automatically. This also reduces the hardware cost and maintenance. It is done through the communication between the mobile application of the service provider and the company and the server. The communication is also secured between mobile and server.
5. QR Code Technology

QR code authentication is used by scanning the code using a mobile scanner. It can be used for collecting attendance data and track movement. Attendance can be marked when a user scans the QR code on their mobile phone camera in the mobile application. Employees/visitors can enter after the scan of the QR code and the user doesn’t need to touch anything but his/her mobile phone. This allows secure and encrypted communication.
6. Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology works on proximity. An access door can be opened using Bluetooth technology when a registered mobile user brings his phone to the proximity of the receiver, the door opens. Identification and authentication can happen in less than a second which makes Bluetooth technology promising to businesses with huge human resources.
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