Product Review: Suprema Real Pass V

Suprema is one of the finest manufacturers of access control related products right now in the global market. Screencheck Saudi, , a leading distributor of Suprema access control systems in Saudi Arabia has a wide array of products that caters to various industry sectors. Among them is the most popular and in-demand equipment, document scanner, Suprema Real Pass V.

Document scanners are two types, one used in the first-line identification and much complex heavy machines for second-line identification. With new innovations, Suprema has tried its best to conclude verification in the first line process with its advanced Real Pass V.

The Real pass V is simple to use and doesn’t need operator experience. The machine is designed in such a way that anyone can get to know the workaround in a fraction of seconds. The system also has a wonderful user-friendly software application that analyzes the documents and provides clear results. The system is a cost-effective method for implementing document verification and offers a long run time too.

The system is a coverless lay-on type design full-page passport support device and uses UV and IR illumination features to support high-security applications. Under UV illumination light, invisible security threads in various colors appear, which are not visible in normal lighting conditions. This allows Real Pass V to read between the lines and beyond the text too. The device has a 420dpi resolution image scanning performance, allowing the user to visualize even some types of micro texts and detailed printed patterns. Suprema document readers process RFID data of ICAO Doc 9303 compliant MRTD with security protocols of BAC, PA, AA, EAC (CA, TA).

Suprema Real Pass V has a single step reading technique that takes less than a second for scanning and projects it over the infrared display. For speedy processing, Real Pass-V’s ensures seamless, faster and accurate document scanning.

The Suprema Real Pass V helps in immigration clearance, thus businesses related to them. It enables automated immigration clearance systems and CUSS & Self-Check in Kiosks in Saudi Arabia. You can check the product from an authorized dealer of passport scanners in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck Saudi.