Reasons for choosing Virdi UBio-X Pro Access Control


Make your business futuristic by adding Virdi Ubio-X Pro for access control. Now scan and identify every individual without getting in contact with any surfaces, unlike the conventional fingerprint scanners.


Face recognition systems are technology-based security solutions that offer security at premises by recognizing the facial features of individuals. The device captures the facial features and stores the captured patterns into the database of the computer. When the same individual revisits the premise, the face recognition system recaptures facial image and performs the matching process between the old and the newest captured patterns. When it finds the match, it grants the authentication otherwise it denies it.


While using the face recognition technology based time attendance system, you can get a number of benefits that could enhance the management process. Screencheck Saudi, one of the leading biometric system providers in Saudi Arabia, explains why facial recognition system is the next big thing.


An automated face recognition time attendance system maintains the overall presence record of the employees in the organization. Through the maintained time and datasheet the overtime, under time, the sick leaves taken by the employees, the unpaid leaves of the employees etc. everything can be very well managed and accordingly work distribution can be planned. Scheduling of the staffs can also be known through it, which can ultimately upraise the productive hours.


The newest technology helps in replacing the older paper register method efficiently. It also saves money that the organization used to spend behind manual security guards and then it was lacking satisfaction. Face recognition time attendance system gives better maintenance of data as it supports the electronic medium of data storage. In addition, the system gives a good impression of the organization in front of the business clients and other concerned people.


The crucial business process is payroll management. It consumes large resources but unreliable results. The only way to get the calculation accuracy is with the help of a face recognition time attendance system. If the time-related data can be maintained automatically then with the help of payroll software, payroll can be generated instantly.


Investment for more Productivity

The face recognition time attendance helps in saving time, eliminates manual mistakes and controls employee theft. Since the face recognition system controls every single event electronically, therefore, reduces the possibility of error. The attendance is noted down electronically therefore it saves time of the employees, which they can efficiently indulge in their productive hours.


Post-Covid Technology

Face recognition system does not need individuals to touch any surface on the system. This ensures that the surface is clean and does not cause contagious surfaces.

All these advantages are mainly responsible for gaining existence in the present market. Virdi’s UBio-X Pro, a face authentication system equipped with the world’s highest performance face recognition algorithm works perfectly in any lighting conditions. It is equipped with a high definition camera to provide quick crosschecking while maintaining the highest accuracy. Not only the time attendance system but also the face recognition access control system is also being in use nowadays for controlling the access at the premises. Now, it is your turn to better secure your premises.


UBio-X Pro Lite can be used in various applications and environments such as manufacturing factory, bank, large scale integrated security center and more. Screencheck is an authorized dealer of Virdi’s face recognition system in Saudi Arabia. You can order finger and face recognition system in Saudi Arabia from biometric system experts at Screencheck.