Get the best ID card printer in Saudi right now! Make the right choice by opting for the Datacard CR 805 printer.


Datacard CR805 is one of the most trusted ID card printers now in the market, notes Screencheck. Screencheck is a leading distributors of ID card printers in Saudi and in this article, Screencheck examines the print quality, physical security and the printer’s optional Card Lamination Module (CLM) and tactile impression feature of Datacard CR 805.


The Datacard CR805 comes under transferable printers offering high-quality printing. The pigment ink generates vibrant, long-lasting colours and precise colour reproduction. The pigment ink is added to the ID card’s surface, colour by colour, in layers. The machine works on 600-dpi printing which produces highly detailed card designs, including guilloche patterns because it maintains image quality. Logos, barcodes and QR codes can all be printed conveniently compared to other plastic card printing models. The printer enables even printing micro text as an added layer of security. The CR805 is also capable of printing and encoding access control cards, with optional smart card and magstripe card encoding hardware.


The CR 805 has a retransfer film to eliminate all kinds of damages making ID cards more durable. The pigment is UV resistant making the print last longer. You can select these features through the device interface, ensuring that the card isn’t wrapped by heat during the printing process. An inline card lamination module includes additional security and durability, one can pick Datacard Duragard films that come with hologram protection. The lamination feature of CR 805 gives an edge for it over others.


The unique tactile impression feature allows you to emboss your business logo/emblems on to cards. One can choose from the predefined designs available or the impressions can be manufactured for higher security. The tactile impression offers particularly high levels of security, especially when coupled with a holographic laminate.


Benefits of Pigment Ink in CR 805


Pigment ink in CR 805 produces more vibrant colours than the other card printers. High-quality professional ID cards with high-resolution 600dpi using reverse transfer printing technology are made with CR 805. The pigment ink is also known for its resistance against UV rays, so the cards last longer without fading.


The CR 805 card printer uses ribbons in a slightly different format. Pigment ink ribbons are CMYKP- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and a Primer panel. For dual side printing, one can find CMYKPKP ribbon.  And for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards with embedded chips, a reverse transfer printer is your recommended option to prevent damage to the printhead.


Three Color Printing Settings


To customize the CR805 card printer for your specific ID card needs, you can choose from three different colour print modes:

  • True Color (ICC) – prints true colours to the output. This is also the default print mode.
  • Legacy SR/CR – close as a possible match to the SR200, SR300, and SR300e card printers
  • Vivid – colours are more saturated and in contrast.


The CR805 comes with these printer upgrades:


CR805 Printer Warranty

The Entrust Datacard CR805 card printer comes with a three-year printer manufacturer warranty and limited lifetime printhead manufacturer warranty. You can get a genuine Datacard CR 805 from the leading distributors of ID card printers in Saudi, the Screencheck.