RFID reader and Antennas in Saudi Arabia

Understanding the advantages of RFID in Saudi Arabia over conventional Barcodes.

Radio Frequency identification devices are helping the economy in maintaining order. Companies now opt for RFID reader and antennas in Saudi Arabia to monitor objects and people. Know more about its working and roles in this article.

RFID comes under a segment of technology known as Automation Identification and Data Capture. This method detects the identification of an object, collects data and feeds into a computer using radio waves without human intervention. An RFID system contains three major components, an RFID tag, an RFID reader and an antenna. The tags contain an embedded circuit and an antenna with which data is transferred to the RFID reader. The reader converts the data as usable information and is stored in a computer. This data can be retrieved later for any resourceful purpose. The RFID tags are reusable.

RFID helps in getting information from miles away with the use of satellites. It has the ability to send and receive large data and in some RFID’s the data can even be decoded. Distance and storage for these systems are just a piece of cake. Environmental barriers like rain, humidity or dust do not affect the functioning of the system, making it ideal to be implemented in Saudi Arabia. You can get the standard as well as custom RFID systems in Saudi Arabia from leading security solution dealers like Screencheck. Screencheck Saudi is one of the best RFID distributors in Saudi Arabia. There are mainly two kinds of RFID systems, the high frequency and the low-frequency. A high-frequency tag can work under the cloth or human body, while the low-frequency tag works where data transfer needs to be done quickly.

RFID tag reader Saudi Arabia is not only used for communication but can be used for tracking objects too. Due to their efficiency and data resource management, RFIDs are now rampantly used in various industries throughout Saudi Arabia. Since these have a major advantage over Barcodes, many companies have started incorporating RFIDs in production and sales to keep a check on inventories.  Developed countries use automation explosively making it a lifestyle requirement. Everything around works on sensors and actuators in RFID technology.

The major benefit of RFID tags in Saudi Arabia is it does not require line of sight i.e. it can easily transmit the data wirelessly.

Dynamic Technology- Transponders or tags can be easily read through different substances like snow, fog, dirt, ice and even in difficult scenarios whereas barcoding or another kind of optical reading technologies is just failure in this case.

High speed- RFID transponders work at a dynamic speed even during the difficult times, and in most cases, these transponders respond in less than 100 milliseconds. Thus, making it a dynamic and effective technology in comparison to the bar codes

Two-way communication process- Another benefit of RFID transponders is their writing and reading capability like for example, they can track the products while they are still in the process.

Durability in tough conditions- In a difficult external environment RFID technology has the benefit of being able to communicate wirelessly without any line of sight or data medium. It can even read data in a tough environment like dust, paint, ice, etc.

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