Screencheck hopes to contain Covid-19 by doing the right business.


One of the leading biometric security solution provider in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck, examines their business in the times of Covid-19. The facial recognition system which faced issues related to privacy in the past is now been the most sold biometric system after the onset of the pandemic, they observe.


Screencheck has been trying to explain and highlight the advantages of touchless authentication solutions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Screencheck observes that many companies globally have withdrawn the use of contact-based biometric security systems since the first detailed report about the virus and its potential threat to all. Saudi Arabia has now more than 3000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection.


With many countries withdrawing the conventional touch-based biometrics systems to stop the spread of the virus, Screencheck has been promptly informing the need for new facial recognition systems through their social media platforms and mass communication methods. Organizations that completely remove biometric systems at this time pose a higher threat to the business and therefore a well-planned method needs to be put in place to monitor individuals as well as to contain the spread. A great demand for contactless alternatives is on the rise as they are searching for new ways to ensure the integrity of their system.


With the sudden need for social distancing caused by the pandemic, companies are considering the need for remote digital authentication, observes Screencheck. A large scale change is going to happen in every sector due to this virus outbreak. This needs to be understood and companies need to implement contactless biometrics for a safer work environment. This is also the time where the world needs strong security systems like facial recognition systems. Facial recognition systems are definitely a safer option for organisations which uses shared fingerprint scanners.


Screencheck currently provides trusted facial recognition solutions that can be incorporated well into the current business set up. Its step down technology can recognize people wearing masks. Screencheck admits that the Covid-19 has generated more business for biometric facial recognition systems, the company hopes that the new understanding regarding the facial recognition system can help governments to contain the pandemic as early as possible.