By now, it is quite established that the safety and security of their citizens is of primary importance in Saudi Arabia.

To ease convenience for citizens and residents alike, Saudi Arabia is implementing technology to limit the printing of unnecessary plastic ID cards and shortlist important identification documents for printing, as it saves time.

Though this enables easier and faster access, ID cards holding vital information, like driving licenses, immigration certificates, and other permanent documents can be misplaced.

To limit the use of ID card printers is like ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’; if lost or damaged, citizens and residents would find it hard to prove their identity as there is no immediate backup.

Need for ID card printers in Saudi Arabia

The issuance of ID cards is the basic and simple tool of personal identification. However, given their frequent and common use, the waiting in long queues to receive IDs occurs often.

Hence, there should be a variety of quality ID card printers which can be accessible to any person, anywhere, at any time.

An ID card printer needs to provide durable ID cards quickly at an affordable rate, while eliminating the margin of human error.

ScreenCheck ID card printers in Saudi Arabia

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia provides solutions and ID card printers suitable for any type of card printing like driving licenses, employee/student ID’s, customer loyalty cards, banking cards, and many more.

Their ID card printing systems support most of the identification technologies like Mifare, RFID, UHF, HID, contact smart card, proximity and so on which help manage the process of ID card printing and issuance in the most efficient manner; from capturing the data, photo and biometric information, approving/rejecting the issuance, card printing, quality control and delivery.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

In association with Zebra, Suprema, Impinj, Bravo, Tiso and Edikio and many more, ScreenCheck Middle East not only distributes ID card printers but also biometric readers, access control equipment, RFID readers, and CCTV cameras.