Smart Inventory Management in Saudi Arabia


Smart inventory management is one of keys of successful business in Saudi Arabia. Find out more how smart inventory management in Saudi Arabia is helping grow business and the economy.


Every business involves a set of inventories which needs to be well managed for the business to run and flourish. Business always needs huge investment and the owners need to be well aware of it. You need to make sure that the return of your investment will be high. Keeping track of all the numbers and factors in a business, especially a large and complicated one is something very challenging. It can generate a lot of confusion if not done well resulting in losses. To make sure everything is flowing right in your business, you have to make use of the advantages of an inventory management system.


What is an inventory? Inventory refers to raw material needed to produce items in your business, all the products that are still in the process of production; and ultimately, all the finished products. It is important to be aware of all these items as the turnover of these items will signify the sales.


Essentially, inventory management consists of a software and a hardware system that automatically detects items in the warehouse or inside a production line. They can keep track of any quantifiable stocks or goods like food, grocery, clothes, books, mechanical parts etc…

Inventory management systems are really essential in showing the supply and demand of the products. It will ensure that there is enough stock of items to meet the consumer needs while also making sure that the shelves are not overstocked as it will not be good for business. Maintaining the right amount of stock to maintain a smooth flow ensures a successful business. Having an inventory management system can help you to check the surge and decline in your product in the market. It will also enable you to understand the market better and helps you to make wise decisions like getting rid of profitless products or moving out products that are nearing expiry date.


With these inventory management tools, you can ensure better service to customers and better customer satisfaction. They will be assured that they will get what they need in your stores. They are advantageous in a way that they can provide automation in keeping the stocks which means the business is faster, accurate and more convenient.


The system essentially will have a central database system where all information is stored. The data can be accessed real time by the management. Staff can easily find the missing stock or piled up stock or stock stuck in the line to make inventory control. One does not have to go through a great hassle to get the information needed.


The Saudi Arabian market is changing constantly and it’s definitely growing even in these times. Saudi Arabia is looking for smarter and futuristic ways to control inventory in the market. A study has shown that 67% of the population in Saudi Arabia are following a millennial lifestyle who are expecting deliveries in a short period of time. Inventory management plays a huge role in fast deliveries which directly makes customers happy and satisfied. It helps keeping unnecessary stock, which you can neither sell back to the supplier nor make profit from, becomes a loss.


Inventory management systems rely on RFID technology to provide fast, affordable and accurate delivery of inventory. This allows us to manage the supply chain in a much better way ensuring deliveries happen at the right time. It also enables timely and accurate information on receipts, asset tracking in Saudi Arabia, work in progress or finished goods, safe sales, precise valuation and disposition of goods.


Inventory management helps to have an audit in real time scenarios about status, colour, style, lot number, serial number and expiration date within an affordable budget making the new inventory management in Saudi Arabia a piece of cake. RFID is flexible, reliable and its hardware is easily portable providing accountability, mobility and security.


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