No matter what your profession is, chances are, any time you get to work you have to clock in. Government offices, transit hubs, financial or educational institutes, and healthcare facilities all employ some form of identity management-access control time and attendance systems, be they simple card readers, or hi-tech biometric solutions.

With the rapid expansion of the job market in the Middle East, and the resulting flood of employees, time & attendance systems in Saudi Arabia are being implemented across the board.

What are time and attendance systems?

Time and attendance systems electronically record and track the day to day activities of your employees, providing accurate labour projections and allowing organizations to gauge productivity, or lack thereof.

It’s not just about clocking in anymore, the time and attendance solutions modules today integrate both hardware and software to deliver real-time data of tagged personnel from the moment they start the day to when they finish.

For example, Suprema’s biometric time attendance system in Saudi Arabia ensure accurate admittance at physical entry points via key cards, RFIDs, fingerprint recognition, etc. while the use of PINs, OTPs, and access codes tracks online functions.

Suprema’s biometric time and attendance models

Whether you have a dozen employees or over a hundred, ScreenCheck’s time and attendance solutions in Saudi Arabia provide systems that streamline all your personnel related procedures, and ensure maximum efficiency.

Screencheck Saudi is the prominent Suprema distributors in Saudi Arabia for Time and Attendence System. Suprema’s biometric systems effortlessly integrate with your existing framework while incorporating your new requirements, and are set up on your premises directly at a one-time cost.

Their various models offer a range of access options, from hi-tech facial recognition to fingerprint entry, along with standardized Card, RFID, and PIN entries.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

A leading security system provider in the Middle East, ScreenCheck boasts a wide range of products to select from. The first to partner with renowned industry brands in the GCC, ScreenCheck is the official distributer of Suprema’s multi-option access control and identity management solutions in the MENA region. The ScreenCheck website has a detailed list of products and solutions, along with a massive inventory of the most up-to-date models in the business.