The world’s most-surveilled city has almost 2.6 million video surveillance cameras installed. Why?

Video surveillance is the best and secure way of monitoring resources and property. The validation of a video is much beyond any data can offer and therefore video surveillance solutions in Saudi Arabia is spreading rapidly across the Globe.

Security systems in Saudi Arabia come with cameras, motion sensors and other functions that helps the business to work in a perfectly safe environment. If safety and security is a concern, then there is a business security alarm system that can ease and keep your mind at peace. You can contact local security system dealers in Saudi Arabia for options or you can check online for products or solutions. There is an umpteen number of advantages in implementing a security system in your office.

A video surveillance system records every event that happens around your premises. Such a system also provides you with solid true information of events in chronological order. Retail stores and many other types of businesses use these camera-based surveillance systems to identify thieves and vandals. CCTV surveillance helps management to keep an eye on malpractices or trespassing within the business or from outside the business. Systems with video recorders provide recorded evidence against any corrupt practices. The video surveillance system in Saudi Arabia is widely accepted by both residential and commercial owners to minimize the possibility of any loss or damage to property due to theft and burglary. CCTV video surveillance enables you to monitor your office, warehouse, or home closely for 24 hours a day, giving you complete peace of mind.

Today, with beaming concerns about safety, CCTV video surveillance becomes the only resort in safeguarding people and property. The numerous benefits and governments bringing strict rules to maintain public order, installing CCTV cameras have become the need of the hour. When these CCTV cameras are installed in a factory, office or any other workplace, the management generally finds an increase in the productivity of their employees. The footage provided by these devices can help the police authorities in identifying and catching the criminals. With the help of CCTV, management can now monitor inaccessible spaces with disturbing the overall decorum of the environment. Apart from being a constant eye with a blink, these devices provide an infallible, constant and consistent surveillance 24×7 until they are manually shut down.

The video surveillance cameras are classified according to their technologies. The Closed-circuit television(CCTV) is a type of system which are entirely closed and its components form a closed circuit and the output is projected on a limited set of monitors. With the changing purpose of surveillance, the system also changes. Many people use hidden camera installed in the most unusual places, just like another James bond movie, for high-security purposes. There are 360-degree rotating cameras that record every event from a single perspective and then there are infra-red surveillance cameras that are used by security organisations to check on criminal activities.

Video surveillance has evolved over the years. It has evolved from Analog to IP Video Surveillance. The world’s most surveilled city has almost 2.6 million cameras installed and a start-up company in London is using video surveillance to check on people’s emotions. In the obligation to provide better security against threats, video surveillance systems are changing across the globe. Today, it is more about preventive security instead of just security. The development in the security vertical is such that, the management can get alert about a worse situation before it actually happens. With too many brands and security providers, it is a tedious task to find the most appropriate video surveillance system for your business. Screencheck, one of the leading security solution providers in Saudi Arabia put forth a few tips for selecting the right video surveillance system for your business.

  1. The Need
    You need to know what property of yours needs to be monitored all the time. Is it inside the premise, outside or both? If you have offices at remote locations and you would like access to real-time data of those locations, then you would have to choose a video surveillance system that has the ability to send you data over any distance.
  2. The Count
    How many cameras do you actually need to monitor a specific area? What all angles and how many spaces you need to monitor needs to known. A blueprint of your business premise can help you understand the number of cameras you need.
  3. The Output
    A 2MP camera can capture a decent video of any activity but if your purpose is to closely monitor then you need to upgrade your camera specification that will suit your need. The details you want to see and lighting conditions in the area, the resolution of the camera and the type of lens needs to be determined while you choose the surveillance system.
  4. The profit

Video surveillance systems installed in a retail shop can help the management to closely monitor customers, their preferences and their habits which can be used in designing patterns or rearranging the shop for a better profit.

Screencheck has been helping different clients across the middle east in installing and operating video surveillance. They have expert technicians who can extend their help in understanding the security system and choosing the right CCTV for your business.