Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printers

The Evolis Agilia Retransfer card printer is an excellent choice for businesses that require top-notch print quality, enhanced security features, and a long-lasting printing solution. Its retransfer technology ensures that your cards have a flawless finish, making them perfect for various applications. The Agilia printer offers versatility by accommodating a wide range of card types. It features a 200-card feeder and a rapid printing speed of up to 150 cards per hour. With a lifetime warranty on the print head and a 3-year warranty on the rest of the printer, you can trust in Agilia’s durability and performance.

Product Features

Single-sided or double-sided printing module

Over the edge printing

Color dye sublimation, Resin monochrome retransfer

600 dpi print head (23.6 dots/mm)

Flash Memory 4 GB – RAM 256 MB

Lifetime warranty on the print head

3-year warranty on the rest of the printer

Print Technology

Color dye sublimation and Resin monochrome retransfer

Print Speed: Single side 150 cards/hour with YMCK / Dual side 100 cards/hour with YMCKK

Input Hopper capacity: 200 cards

Output Hopper capacity: 100 cards

Reject hopper capacity: 10 cards

Connectivity: Ethernet TCP-IP 10BaseT, 100BaseT, USB 2.0


Electromechanical locking system

Digital Erasing

UV printing through YMCFK and driver implementation

Data encryption for magnetic encoding

Option to apply two layers of retransfer film

Encoding modules

Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811 / JIS Type II

Smart contact station ISO 7813

Smart encoding unit

Contactless encoding unit

Internal USB or IP ports

Card Management and Specification

Feeder capacity: 200 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)

Output hopper capacity: 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)

Reject tray capacity: 10 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)

Card thickness:  0.76 mm to 1.25 mm (30 – 50 mil)

Types of Compatible Cards

PVC cards

Composite PVC cards

PET cards

ABS cards

PC cards

Card format: ISO CR80 – ISO 7810

85,6 x 53,98 mm (3.370″ x 2.125″)