EyeAllow™, created by Princeton Identity, is a flexible user authentication device that simplifies time-keeping, access management and point-of-sale procedures. Designed for Identity Server and Iris On the Move™, it supports quick and safe multifactor authentication, using several techniques, such as facial biometrics and IRIS Recognition System, PIN ID card, smartphone credentials. Its incorporation with Princeton Identity’s Seamless Enrollment function streamlines the biometric and card credential enrolment procedure, improving overall effectiveness and user convenience.

Product Features:

1. Security Enhancement:

Encrypting data while it’s at rest to improve security.

2. Blending Seamlessly:

Wiegand Input/Output (Including PIV Formats) and OSDP output are used for easy interface with current systems.

3. Local Storage:

Local People Storage with a maximum of 1000 users.

4. Unit Dimensions:

The unit’s measurements are 4.1 inches (D), 7.5 inches (H) and 3.5 inches (W).

5. Lightweight Design:

Its lightweight design—just 1.2 pounds, or 0.5 kg—ensures handling and installation that is simple.


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