Suprema RealPass – V

Suprema RealPass-V  RFID passport reader is a multi-functional ID document and passport reader that can read variety of data such as OCR, photos, characters, barcodes, contact and contactless smart chips.Fast & accurate passport processing is the key requirement for seamless operation at immigration checks. RealPass-V offers unrivalled performance for high-volume processing with automatic document detection, single-step reading, tunable RFID antenna and easy lay-on type scanning. The device processes optical and graphic data from data page, and reads RF chip with ICAO standard security protocol

Product Features

  • Single-Step Reading Technique
  • Single-Step Reading Technique
  • Faster Lay-on Type Scanning
  • ICAO Doc 9303 Compliance
  • UV & IR Illumination Imaging


  • Immigration Clearance
  • Automated immigration clearance system (Autogate)
  • CUSS & Self-Check in Kiosk

Main Features

  • Reads MRZ of ICAO Document 9303 compliant travel documents and cards
  •  Captures 420 dpi, 24 bit true color image of MRZ
  •  Extracts and saves photos or certain image area from visual data page
  •  IR and UV (option) illumination for checking hidden graphical patterns
  • Reads ISO 14443 Type A/B contactless chip of ICAO standard e-passports • Supports security protocols of e-passports
  •  Provides SDK for easy integration with any systems
  • Provides quality checking software for e-passport issuing (option)
  • Reads 1D or 2D barcode (option)