Daosafe Flap model DS – 318

DS318 Optical Flap Turnstile is made to perfectly fit in the areas with high pedestrian traffic flow in both directions. DS318 is one of its kind with its technical specifications and ergonomic design. The white tempered glass side panels with dazzling LED light, which is more attractive and impressive, easy to catch pedestrian’s eyes and enhance the artistry of the sites.

The body is made of brushed stainless steel, which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof and durable. The black tempered glass on the card panel is firm and solid, not easy to get scratched.


  • Long-life performance & high operation dependability
  • Anti-intrusion, Anti-reverse & Anti-trailing functions
  • Single directional or Bi-directional options
  • Smooth, noise-free running system
  • Automatic reset functions
  • LED indicator


Model No.: DS318

Type: Optical Flap Turnstile

Framework material: 304 Stainless steel+ Plexiglas glass arm+ tempered glass side panels with dazzling LED light

Arm material: Plexiglas-transparency

Dimension: 1200 *185 * 1000 mm

Net Weight:  70kg/pcs (single core), 80kg/pcs (double core)

Passage Width: 600 mm (standard), 900 mm(wheelchair)

Passing Direction: Single directional / Bi-directional

MCBF: 12 million

Power Supply: -AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Operation Voltage: 24V DC

Power Consumption: 40W

Operation Temperature: -20 00 – 75 00

Operation Humidity: 0 – 95% (No freeze)

Working Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (IP65)

Flow Rate: .11. 55-60 people per minute

LED Indicator: Two LED indicators on top: green “-p” entry. red “—” no entry

Infrared Sensor: la_ 5 pairs (3 pairs on the top +2 pairs on the below)

Emergency: Automatic arm open when power off

Flexibility: Aar Integrate with any access control


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