MC 404/MC410 Master Controller

Presenting the IDtech MC404/MC410 Master Door Controller, the focal point of the security system for your building. This controller functions as a specialised conductor, balancing interactions between your Unipass program and local access control devices to provide stable assurance and flawless performance even when a server connection is unavailable.

Product Features

Safety and Capacity:

  • The MC404/MC410 holds vital information for thorough security management, with an amazing 200,000-user capacity and a 30,000 event log.
  • For unbroken security, the controller maintains its independence and provides ongoing access control functions.
  • To fit your needs, select from the MC404 and MC410 variants, which can hold up to 8 readers and 4 local controllers for the MC404 and up to 20 readers and 10 local controllers for the MC410 model.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility of the network with the ability of distant changes and modifications to configuration via a secure online connection.
  • Make privacy a priority by using TLS or AES encryption to protect personal information.

Precision Security Optimisation:

  • For more efficient activities, automating the opening and closing of autonomous doors.
  • Use clever safeguards to thwart efforts at illegal entrance.
  • Even beyond business hours, make sure you maintain strict access controls and high security.
  • Consider secure escape protocols in case of emergency.
  • Handle electronic locks, door sensors and push buttons with ease.
  • Efficient and dependable communication is ensured with incorporated Ethernet and optional cryptography.
  • Update the firmware on linked devices, like LAU 400 and set them up over your network.

Resilient Performance in Any Situation:

  • The MC404/MC410 retains all events and settings for a comprehensive security log, even during server outages.
  • Give the controller a backup power source so that it may continue to function even in the event of an outage.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed during communication hitches by automatic data resynchronisation.
  • System functioning is preserved by automatic restarts and hardware inspections.
  • Unipass network monitoring offers real-time insights into the health of the system.

Additional Features:

  • 200,000 user capacity guarantees scalability and flexibility to meet different security requirements.
  • A robust event log with 30,000 events stored allows for thorough monitoring and analysis.
  • The ability to accommodate four or ten local controllers (MC404/MC410) enables customisation to meet unique needs.
  • Support for eight or twenty readers (MC404/MC410) improves integration possibilities and accessibility for extensive security configurations.
  • It uses TLS or AES encryption to guarantee data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Safe web interface for online administration.


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