IDtech RAU 400 IP Controller

The newest model in IDtech’s range of automated door controllers is the RAU400. It I sthe fourth generation version of the series, working as your personal security guard, managing entry/exit or one-door (entry only) access control. Its powerful CPU and large memory ensure smooth operation and autonomous decision-making.
With a trustworthy door access control system, the IDtech RAU400 is your go-to option for automated entrance management. Its future-proof architecture and secure communication protocols enable easy integration with several reader options, ensuring the best possible data safeguarding.

Product Features

Standalone Functionality with Autonomous Access Control:

  • Handles one or two-door access controls with simplicity

Reliable Operation:

  • Always maintains security be it onsite or off, even when the server is unavailable

Flexible Integration:

  • It can easily adjust to changing requirements and interface with a variety of reader alternatives

Secure Communication:

  • Using encryption and sophisticated secure protocols, data safety can be significantly increased

Comprehensive Security Management:

  • Expands the scope of control to provide complete safety oversight beyond entrance admission

Remote Configuration:

  • Easily controls updates and settings from any location

Additional Components

Robust Design:

  • It is designed with operating stability and dependability in mind

Seamless Integration:

  • Constructed to effortlessly combine with the current IDtech hardware and software

Effective Response:

  • For the best security, react to alerts and security incidents quickly


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