LAU400 Door Controller

LAU400 is the central intelligence for your IDtech door access control system needs. This dynamic device allows entrance/exit for one door or two separate entry points and enables seamless interaction between the main controller and up to two door readers. Thanks to its adaptability, the LAU400 processes data efficiently, enabling faster operations and unmatched protection.

Outstanding Output:

  • This system can manage up to two readers and can cater to various setups such as single or double doors, airlocks, barriers and turnstiles.
  • It can integrate with all IDtech readers and also supports more than 100 third-party options, including code, fingerprint, license plate and long-range readers.
  • The system is fully compatible with IDtech’s entire UT 3+ hardware range and can effortlessly integrate with its software suite, ensuring easy upgrades and scalability.

Unrivalled Reliability:

  • The system has built-in hardware self-monitoring and automatic restarts to maintain continuity of operation even in the event of glitches.
  • Real-time insights on the health of the system are provided by Unipass network monitoring.
  • Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection, as well as self-resetting fuses on each power output, provide additional assurance.
  • The transfer of access control information is encrypted using OSDP/SSCP protocols to ensure its security.

Effortless Remote Management:

  • Using the network, remotely improve the firmware, add viewers and tweak settings to save time and headache.
  • The LAU400 provides you with total control and guarantees smooth operation with its extensive integration, strong characteristics and online management options.

Additional Components:

  • Allows for two reader connections at most.
  • Suitable with more than a hundred reader models.
  • The power output of 12V with the highest power of 4A.
  • Safer data transfer while using the OSDP/SSCP protocols through encrypted communication.


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