ViRDI UBio – X Prolite

The biometric and fingerprint terminal with operating illuminance of up to 30,000 Lux (6 times brighter than industry average). It has a high-speed matching algorithm with the latest Android-based intuitive GUI with a 5” touch LCD. This time and attendance and access control solution have multi authentication with face recognition and a fake fingerprint dictation algorithm embedded.

Product Feature

  • High ambient light conditions illuminance up to 30,000 LUX
  • 2MP CMOS camera w/IR LED stronger filtering of brighter background conditions
  • High-speed Face and Fingerprint Detection
  • Android-based intuitive GUI with 5” Touch LCD


OS: Android (UBio-X Pro: Android 6.0 / UBio- X Pro Lite: Android 4.0)

Fingerprint Sensor Type: Optical Sensor

CPU: 1.0GHz Quad-Core (Cortex A-9)

Memory: eMMC 16GByte DDR3 2GB RAM (512MB x 4)

Interface: Wiegand IN/OUT, RS485/ RS 232, Wifi (optional), SD Card Socet)

Display: 5” colour TFT LCD with Touch.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 149.3 x 202.2 x 129.2mm

RF/ Smart Card Option: 13.56 MHz Smart Card Reader, 125KHz EM, HID Prox/ iClass RF card reader (optional)

Capacity: Max Users: 500,000, Fingerprint: 1:200,000 Templates < 1sec, Face 1:150,000 Templates <1sec (UBio-X Pro), 1:35,000 Templates <1 sec (UBio- X Pro Lite) Photo logs:          20,000, Event logs: 10,000,000

Certification: KC/CE/ FCC



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