Salicru SLC Twin Pro2

The SLC Twin Pro2 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), with online double-conversion technology, ensures clean and consistent power for your business equipment and an advanced protection system for sensitive and critical loads.
This tower-format UPS solution boasts a high output power factor (0.9) for efficient energy use and features an LCD display for easy status monitoring and control. Built-in USB and intelligent slots allow for remote management via SNMP communication cards or relays and a range of software packages (free download for Windows, Linux, Unix or Mac).
Need extended backup time? The SLC Twin Pro2 lets you add external chargers and batteries for longer power during outages. It also offers Eco-mode for efficiency, EPO for safe shutdowns, and frequency conversion for grid adaptability.
Available in 700VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, and 3000VA capacities, the SLC Twin Pro2 safeguards your equipment and keeps your operations running smoothly.


  • Online Double Conversion Technology: Provides maximum reliability and advanced protection.
  • A High Output Power Factor (PF = 0.9): Ensures availability for all types of loads.
  • Tower Format: For easy integration into your workspace.
  • A Control Panel with an LCD and Keypad: This shows battery level, load, status, voltage, and frequency for convenient monitoring and control.
  • USB Interface with HID Protocol: For easy connectivity to your computer.
  • Smart Slots for SNMP and Relays: Provide expanded communication options.
  • Range Extensions: Available to increase backup time during extended outages.
  • Eco Mode Operation: Improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption.
  • Management Software: For remote monitoring and configuration.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output: This powers your equipment cleanly.
  • The Backup Battery: Provides temporary power during outages.
  • Schuko or IEC sockets: To accommodate various plug types.
  • Emergency Stop (EPO): For safety purposes.
  • AC Output Socket: Offered for the SLC-3000-Twin Pro2 IEC model.