Salicru SLC Twin RT2

The SLC Twin RT2 Lion series offers a secure solution for uninterrupted power with its advanced online double conversion technology. Available in capacities ranging from 1000 VA to 3000 VA, this UPS system is designed for maximum protection and adaptability, fitting seamlessly into tower and rack configurations.
The lithium-ion batteries enhance performance with over double the lifespan and up to ten times more discharge cycles compared to traditional VRLA batteries. These batteries also feature significantly reduced self-discharge, superior performance at high temperatures (up to 40 °C), and up to four times faster recharge times, all while being lighter and more compact. Economically, the SLC Twin RT2 Lion series proves to be a cost-effective choice, offering a longer useful life than the expected life of the UPS itself (10 years) and eliminating the need for battery replacements. It helps with significant long-term savings, making it a smart investment for critical power protection.


  • Online Double Conversion Technology: This ensures the highest level of safety and reliability with a pure, stable, and clean sinusoidal voltage output.
  • Output Power Factor (0.9): Delivers efficient power usage.
  • Convertible Tower/Rack Format: Adaptable installation with included accessories (rack handles, tower pedestal).
  • Adjustable Control Panel: User-friendly, backlit LCD for easy monitoring and configuration.
  • Communications Interfaces: RS232 and USB-HID for control and parameter configuration; supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Smart Slot: For SNMP integration and relay connections.
  • Eco Mode Operation: Enhances energy efficiency.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries: Longer life expectancy, faster recharge, and better performance at high temperatures.
  • Pure Sine Output: Ensures clean and stable power.
  • Salicru Guarantee: Assurance of quality and reliability.
  • Easy installation: Includes rack handles, a towering pedestal, and an intuitive LCD with optical and acoustic warnings.


  • Input socket: IEC C14 (1000/1500 VA), IEC C20 (2000/3000 VA).
  • Output sockets: 8 x IEC C13 (4 programmable), IEC C19 (3000 VA model).
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces.
  • Intelligent slot for SNMP, MODBUS, and potential-free contacts
  • Emergency stop (EPO)