uPASS Target

Passive UHF Solutions (uPASS) utilise passive UHF technology to identify each vehicle and driver swiftly and securely, ensuring smooth traffic flow and efficient access control.
By leveraging UHF RFID technology, vehicles and drivers can be promptly identified using a passive UHF tag or card, offering a cost-effective solution to enhance security while preventing congestion at gated vehicle entry and exit points.

The uPASS Target is a long-range UHF RFID reader tailored for on-site logistics applications, enabling reliable and convenient vehicle identification.
It provides a secure and convenient solution for identifying and tracking vehicles over long distances, making it well-suited for locations experiencing high volumes of vehicle traffic, such as industrial sites and logistics depots. Combined with EPC Gen2 V2 tags, the uPASS Target ensures only authorised vehicles and drivers can access the premises, facilitating precise on-site monitoring without interrupting traffic flow. With fast, automatic identification, there’s no need for traffic to stop and start. The adjustable read range allows for vehicle identification up to 15 meters (50 ft.) away.

Key Benefits:

  • Superior read range of up to 15 meters (50 ft.).
  • Adjustable read range to meet specific requirements.
  • Smooth and easy integration with all access control platforms.
  • Compliance with EPC global Gen 2 directive for secure communication and tag authentication.
  • Supports OSDP v2, including secure channel protocol.

Typical Applications:

  • Access control and monitoring of traffic flow activities at industrial sites.
  • Ensuring secure vehicle access and registration at logistics depots.

Add-on products:

Thin Windshield Sticker Tag
This tag provides long-range vehicle identification, particularly suitable for parking applications.
UHF Exterior Tag
A thin sticker tag designed for exterior mounting on vehicles.
UHF Combi Card
An ISO card equipped with UHF technology along with proximity or smartcard technology, enabling access for both vehicles and buildings.
UHF Heavy Duty Tag
This rugged tag is built for long-term use in outdoor and industrial environments.


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