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RFID Solutions

As products move through the manufacturing process, businesses can track and record them with the aid of industrial radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies. ScreenCheck Saudi the leading RFID solution provider in Saudi Arabia who delivers customized RFID solutions that let you work with other corporate divisions to streamline the flow of your operations and goods and boost operational effectiveness.

Our advisors assist you in overcoming the following obstacles as you adopt reliable RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia :

  • Managing RFID-enforced modifications to business processes.
  • Arranging massive amounts of data for the effective use of RFID.
  • Overcoming costly implementation expenses.
  • Battling the absence of effective middleware.
  • When scans move between several applications in real-time, it strains your IT infrastructure.

Our customized RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia provide the following benefits :

  • Improved and quicker inventory insight as it passes through your supply chain.
  • Real-time inventory management through monitoring and management of your stock and financial resources.
  • Accurate inventory counting by RFID tags in Saudi Arabia.
  •  Access to real-time data from anywhere.

Improved fleet tracking, people tracking, warehouse management, supply chain automation, production process management, and retail management are further benefits of targeted inventory recall.

The Screencheck Saudi Benefit

Retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, education, public transportation, and other sectors are just a few of the areas in Saudi Arabia where ScreenCheck Saudi is known for offering tried-and-true environmentally friendly procedures and RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia. When you work with us, our team of knowledgeable RFID specialists develops specialized RFID software that is tailored to your company’s needs and price range.

Discover and build your own network of assets with us.

Bene Asset – RFID Asset Tracking

Bene Asset is the most advanced RFID Asset Tracking solution in the market today integrated with multiple RFID technologies like UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The web-based software is easy to deploy. When you deploy Bene Asset, you will receive instant visibility into your asset’s location. Assets are tagged with an appropriate RFID tag and fixed RFID infrastructure is used to automatically check assets in and out of the movements. Handheld readers are used in conjunction to perform a range of logistical processes and periodical asset audit.

The Dashboard provides quick preview data of the assets, locations, and movements. This helps in quick decision making and trend analysis. Floor Map Integration: Bene Asset software can integrate with floor map of the customer office/building with multiple floors. Application checks Asset history and displays movement of the asset in an animated way. This feature will enable to understand the movement & last seen location of the assets. We are the top RFID solution providers in KSA with the perfect RFID asset tracking systems in our arsenal.


Bene Asset solution is designed to support Android based mobile RFID mobile devices. Mobile application comes pre-integrated with the leading RFID mobile readers in the market. Just pair the RFID Bluetooth-enabled devices with a compatible mobile device and you’re ready to go. Real-time or batch mode connection to backend systems.

Main Features
  • Asset master with asset images
  • Live movement of assets
  • Quick asset audit function
  • Management dash board for quick decisions
  • Integrated with most of the hand held readers
  • Zone wise analysis

Bene Passport – RFID Passport Tracking

Bene Passport is a comprehensive Passport tracking and management solution which helps large organizations to get complete visibility of their employee’s passports and track them. The system integrated with market’s leading passport scanners which can scan and store the digital copies in the system. It helps the organization to re-use the digital copies for any requirements in future. Capturing the passport and visa expiry dates helps the employer for the timely renewal of the employee’s passports and visa. We are the best RFID solution provider in Saudi Arabia.

Each passport will be tagged with a RFID label and their check IN/OUT are recorded using a desk top RFID reader. The fixed RFID readers at the exit of the room monitor the movement of the Passports outside the room and can trigger alert/alarm in case of unauthorized movement.  

RFID handheld reader helps the organization for a quick auditing of the available Passports or search and find a specific passport from a lot.

The solution is really helpful for organizations which handle number of employee passports for visa stamping, renewals etc.

Main Features
  • Automatic check IN and OUT of Passports.
  • Live movement monitoring
  • Scanning and digital storage of documents
  • Alerts for expiry date
  • Integration with HRMS
  • Management Dash board for quick analysis

Bene Inventory – RFID Inventory Tracking

Inventory management is one of the key important aspects of any business. Keeping track of what you have and where it is can help you make better decisions on how to meet customer demand hence customer satisfaction. The key to effective inventory control is accuracy of data of both incoming and outgoing stock. 

Bene Inventory is an RFID inventory management solution is a tool that uses RFID tags to track and manage inventory with real-time updates.

The solution consists of RFID tags, Handheld RFID readers, fixed RFID readers and the enterprise level inventory management software. RFID labels are tagged to each inventory items and Fixed RFID readers and installed the entry and exit points of the warehouse.

inventory-tracking RFID

The fixed RFID readers reads the unique ID of each RFID labels of the goods while they are moving under the RFID readers and send the IN/OUT data to the software for the record purpose. Handheld readers are used to scan the RFID labels in complex scenarios where the fixed RFID readers cannot be used. This allows warehouse operators to keep track of their inventory in real time, without having to rely on manual counts or barcodes.

Benefits of RFID Inventory Tracking
  • Improved accuracy of the stock
  • Decreased labor cost due to the automation process.
  • Save time due to bulk scanning
  • Real time inventory update while scanning the RFID label.
  • Reduced shrinkage due to better visibility
  • Improved stock visibility

Bene People – BLE People Tracking

Bene People Tracking is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and Gateways. It can help you automatically recognize and tracking or monitoring the location of people in real-time, usually within a building or other contained area.

RTLS based systems for identification and tracking of people for accurate indoor positioning. Data is reported in near real time. Specialized fixed devices like gateways are attached to the ceiling or walls to receive wireless signals from ID badges or wearable Bluetooth beacons which are assigned to people. Get in Touch with us or the best RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia.

  • Visibility of staffs in Health Care
  • People locating at construction sites
  • Mustering solution for Oil & Gas
  • Real time Attendance Monitoring
  • Child safety and visibility in the school
  • Visitor tracking in the office building
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File Tracking

file-tracking RFID Saudi Arabia

In large organizations, finding important documents and files from the shelf is a very difficult and time-consuming task. It reduces the efficiency of the employees significantly. Moreover, losing a file or important document causes a big risk.

RFID based file tracking solution helps track and trace the files and documents with the help of the UHF RFID tags on them. Each file will have an RFID tag on it with a unique ID and can be read and populated with the data with a mobile device. The unauthorized movement of the files outside the allowed area can be prevented by installing RFID readers and antennas at the exit points of the premises.

  • Prevent unauthorized movement of the files outside the premise.
  • Easy to identify the required files from the massive file storage.
  • Visibility of the person who is using the files.
  • Reduces manual handling time and improve files management process.

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