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ID Card Issuance

Card Issuance ID card is the most simple tool today for identification. Whether it is a Driving License, Employee or Student ID, Customer Loyalty Card, Banking Card; our solution helps the customer to manage card issuance in the most efficient manner. Our system manages all the processes in card management, from capturing the data, photo and biometric information, approving/rejecting the issuance, card printing, quality control and delivery. The well defined processes in the system keep a complete audit trail and is available for any verification. The system supports most of the identification technologies like Mifare, RFID, UHF, HID, contact smart card, proximity etc. Our encoding plugins for these technologies make the printing and encoding in a single pass which eliminates human error.


Access Control

access-control Saudi

Security can never be compromised ever! And Access control is the best solution, as it can be diversified with any field and scale as a basic element of security. From research institutes, data centers and secure areas to factories, apartments, offices, construction sites, hospitals, schools and banks, access control systems can be a necessity to establishments, attempting physical protection of their property or data from unauthorized people. Our access control solutions based on fingerprint, face recognition, IRIS recognition, card, mobile credentials etc.

Solution Features
  • Zone management (anti-pass back, fire alarm, scheduled lock, schedule unlock, intrusion, interlock, muster)
  • Door, zone, and device status monitoring

Attendance Management

Our time & attendance management solution streamlines employee timesheet monitoring, calculation of work hours and collection of time & attendance data. You can set up various types of work schedules/work shifts with this system. It encapsulates human resources management and time & attendance management in one system, making it easier to connect with HR or ERP systems and easily see personalized time & attendance reports and calendar views at a glance.

Solution Features
  • Biometric, Card and Mobile credential-based accurate time & attendance management
  • Web-based software

CCTV Solutions


We provide comprehensive video surveillance solution that helps you monitor and improve productivity and also secure your premises by monitoring visitors. Our partnership with the major international camera and accessory manufacturers help us provide the most advanced and competitive solutions to our customers. Our installation & maintenance division has a strong foundation of engineers and technicians, ensuring the best service to our clients. Regular factory training by our suppliers & partners ensures that our engineers are always updated on the latest technologies and equipment.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management System automates the entire visitor flow at your facility or office from the appointment till the exit. From the appointment request, pre-registration, meeting room booking, check in, visitor pass issuance, notifying the host and till the exit of the visitor it manages the entire visitor life cycle.

Visitor Management System provide complete statistics reports on the visitors, hosts, time of check in and check out, time spent on the premise, frequency of the selected visitors etc. the system is ideal for any offices or premises which is looking for a modern automized and controlled visitor management.

Visitor Management System gives your visitors a long lasting first impression of your business from the way you received him with a complete modern, Hygienic and automized process.


RFID Solutions

Bene Asset – RFID Asset Tracking

Bene Asset is the most advanced RFID Asset Tracking solution in the market today integrated with multiple RFID technologies.

Bene Passport – RFID Passport Tracking

Bene Passport is a comprehensive Passport tracking and management solution which helps large organizations to get complete visibility of their employee’s passports and track them. 

Bene Inventory – RFID Inventory Tracking

Inventory management is one of the key important aspects of any business. 

Work Space Management

Booking the right meeting room can be a challenging task. It is not just about finding any available room, but one that meets all your specific criteria, including the right equipment, seating capacity, and accessibility for visitors. Our Work Space Management solution makes meeting room management and scheduling efficient and convenient with a host of features.
Solution Features
  • Compatible with Android or Windows Devices
  • Deploy Internet or Intranet
  • On-Premise or On- Cloud
  • Role-based approval
  • Policy-based room utilization
  • Remote Device Management
  • Battery Operated