Doctors and nurse have to wear a surgical mask and gloves while handling virus outbreak situations. Fingerprint and face recognition biometric systems won’t help to keep the place secure. Iris recognition system has become the need of the hour.


With the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, various biometric systems that use fingerprint and facial recognition have become less effective or stale. Doctors and nurses require to cover their whole body with protective gear so that they are not infected from the patients they interact with. Common surfaces need to be avoided. Existing biometric systems couldn’t be used at hospitals. The only biometric technology that can help overcome the crisis is by implementing iris recognition system in hospitals.


The health care industry had always a problem with establishing accurate patient identification. With the recent issues with the virus outbreak, health care management security systems are accepting biometric iris recognition technology. With its high accuracy, contactless technology and convienence for the user, it provides more reliability and security. Moreover, with iris technology provides an option to identify proper insurance status that prevents fraudulence and duplicate medical records. The patients can be provided with the right treatment.


Furthermore, the use of iris recognition technology helps to implement effective authentication and authorization mechanisms in various areas of healthcare which include –

● Tracking patient registration
● Treatment or passageways to different departments
● Repetitive treatment
● Checkup arrangement and scheduling
● Supporting national or private Health Insurance Cards
● Ambulant treatment document
● Protection against infections through touch
● Better health security for Doctor and nurse.
● More ordered patient-doctor interaction.
● Can be used during any virus outbreak




CMITech is a leading provider of high performance, cost-effective iris recognition systems. The company is manufacturing biometric iris recognition systems which are highly accurate and user-friendly. CMITech is setting a new industry standard for advanced user interfaces that are fast, intuitive and effortless. The CMITech EF 45 is a flagship system that is loaded with many features like on-board enrollment and authentication.
CMITech EF 45 is a cost-effective and highly reliable product. The system is built with a highly innovative face display-based positioning approach that offers better usability. CMITech provides a range of customisation options, scalable and integration provision, giving systems integrators and end customers alike optimal flexibility in solution architecture.


The CMITech 45 has ARM Cortex A9 quad-core processor which makes it fast and accurate. The authentication process takes considerably low time as compared to other biometric systems. With a log capacity of 20,00,00, the system uses 8GB flash and a supporting 5GB RAM for quick response and storage capacity.


Product Features


1. Unique and highly innovative face display positioning
1. The expanded capture range of 35 to 45 cm
2. All image processing is done on the internal mainboard, including iris encoding and matching
3. Standard face image capture, with optional face recognition and dual-factor authentication
4. Highly cost-effective
5. Meets or Exceed new ISO 19794-6 2011 Iris Imaging specification standard
6. Iris positioning indicator
7. Position face within guide box in the display (like smartphone “selfie “)


Innovative Face Display Positioning


Innovative face display system allows deep learning of the face for faster and simpler operations. The process is simple and natural. The user needs to stand near the system within 1 meter and position his eyes in the centring box. The user needs to move closer to the system until the indicator turns green, at a range of 35 to 45 cm in normal. If the user is too far, the system will have a blue indication and red indication when the user is too close. CMITech EF 45 processes an image in less than 1 sec after the user is correctly positioned with the system. The user can be guided using multiple language options.


User Experience


The CMITech EF 45 provides simple user experience. With capture range between 35- 40cm in normal modes, users are at the freedom to move quickly after identification. The EF-45 automatically tilts the internal—and protected—iris and face cameras to cover a 40 cm subject height range.


Facial covering


The CMITech EF 45 algorithm detects users with facial covering. This helps doctors and nurses to access isolation wards or quarantine area without the fear of getting infected. Not just surgical mask, the system can check through cleanroom garments and female facial veils.


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