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Visitor Management

Visitor Management System automates the entire visitor flow at your facility or office from the appointment till the exit. From the appointment request, pre-registration, meeting room booking, check in, visitor pass issuance, notifying the host and till the exit of the visitor it manages the entire visitor life cycle.

Visitor Management System provide complete statistics reports on the visitors, hosts, time of check in and check out, time spent on the premise, frequency of the selected visitors etc. the system is ideal for any offices or premises which is looking for a modern automized and controlled visitor management.

Visitor Management System gives your visitors a long lasting first impression of your business from the way you received him with a complete modern, Hygienic and automized process.

Main Features
  • Pre-booking and walk in registration
  • SMS and E-mail integration for notifications
  • QR code for check in and check out
  • Integrated with most of the leading Access Control Systems
  • Designing and printing of visitor badges
  • Active directory integration
  • Meeting room allocation
  • Create black list for trouble visitors
  • Touchless visitor entry
  • Extensive reports

Since the Visitor Management System is completely integrated with the leading Access Control Systems, the QR code or Visitor Access badge n=generated from the Visitor management system  can be used on the speed gates and  access control readers on the premise to grant the access.

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