Fingerprint and beyond


Biometrics is changing the face of security. Biometric security systems in Saudi Arabia are helping many companies to make safer and secured work and private spaces.  Screencheck briefs about two of latest biometric equipment currently on sale.


The study of unique human characteristics like fingerprint patterns, voice, iris or face is known as biometrics. Biometric technology is no more science-fiction props anymore, they have got real and working. They are viable, cost-effective technology solutions to some of the more difficult business security issues.



Biometric fingerprinting technology was a giant leap from password and card protection security. Passwords can be forgotten and ID cards can be misplaced. Biometrics on the other hand conclusively establish an individual’s identity which is impossible to replicate. At any rush, one can’t leave fingers, eyes or face at home making oneself the best security tool.


Many businesses around the world are replacing time cards with hand geometry systems. These provide identity verification and security access in one go. Employee identity and presence is quickly confirmed without the need to search for, punch and replace time cards. The accuracy rate is high and the whole process of identification and authentication doesn’t take much time. Timecards can be falsified while hand geometry cannot.


Casino industries have been using facial recognition and video surveillance methods to monitor individuals who enter and exit the property. The biometric system identifies any banned individual trying to enter into the premises, which will be notified to the security and the individual can be taken out of the premises without causing trouble to the visitors. Airports now use movement identification solutions to monitor for abnormal behaviours among passengers and employees like leaving bags unattended etc. These security solutions enhance the safety of all that cannot be replicated by employing human resources.


Fingerprint capillary mapping is one of the fast-changing biometric techniques and its adoption is picking up rapidly. Facial recognition systems combined with movement identification systems can be effective in enhancing security of spaces having space human movement. For example, this technology is used in the London subway system to monitor passenger identity and threatening behaviours.


Screencheck, one of the leading providers of biometric solutions in Saudi Arabia provides security solutions to a wide range of businesses. They have a wide range of security products which are suitable for all work and home environments. Suprema is one of the trusted brands they offer to their clients. Suprema’s time and attendance system are world known for its reliability and efficient operation.


Suprema Biometric solutions


Suprema has been serving various businesses with security solutions for the past 20 years. They have become one of the leading providers of biometrics and security. With cutting edge technology with superior engineering, Supreme has been innovative with each biometric system to provide the best security solutions for companies. Suprema’s extensive range of portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules. Screencheck now sells its products in around 130 countries. Suprema has the best market share in biometric security systems in the middle east region and has been one of the best 50 security product manufacturers. Screencheck briefly explains two products which have been serving customers for long.


Suprema Bioentry W


The Bioentry W is a combination of IP access control system and fingerprint biometrics which makes Bioentry W one of a kind. The system is weatherproof and tamper-free which makes it ideal for outdoor installations. It is used by companies which need nook and corner surveillance and restricted access provisions.  With its communication interface and ethernet connectivity, Suprema Bioentry W is definitely the ultimate solution for time and attendance management systems. You can place your order to buy the highly efficient biometric systems by following the link : Screencheck


Suprema Face Station 2


Suprema Face Station 2 is one of most innovative biometric systems now available with Screencheck. The system is packed with great features and offers high levels of security, reliability and accuracy. The Face station 2 comes with a 4” Touch interface LCD with greater ergonomics factor. The system has multi-band RF reading technology supporting the latest RFID standards. The machine runs on a 1.4Ghz Quad-core processor with android-based intuitive GUI. The face station 2 has an expandable data storage system which is capable of storing 30,000 imprints. You can order Suprema Face station 2 by following the link : Screencheck.