Fingerprint Scanners in School Bus – Saudi Arabia

We are all aware of the fact that safety and security are two diminishing traits in this technology-driven world. And it is a sad fact that not even schools are safer now. It is often recommended that we all find a stance where we are left with a choice to provide maximum security to our children in the most approving way!

Let us think of the situations where we can grow advantageous of the virtues of employing a fingerprint scanner in a school bus in Saudi.

There are numerous schools in Riyadh where thousands of kids in various standards study. Are they secure? Do you affirmatively say a yes? Are you sure that they will come back safe and sound back from school?

All these questions can send a jitter down your veins and you will start worrying gravely!

Are children in school bus safe?

It is always good to think about the security of our kids from the moment they step out of our homes and come back. The reason is simple! They are priceless! It is often recommended that we take a quick remedy on school bus hijacks. It is possible only if there is an intrusion of unwarranted personnel into the school bus. This can be avoided by employing a biometric verification for the entry. Each student or teaching staff who avail the bus facility must press their thumb, verify their entry and then the door opens and they can get SAFELY ridden to their destination. This is the wide scope of using a fingerprint scanner in School Bus!

Pros of employing a fingerprint scanner in School Bus!

 After employing a fingerprint scanner in School bus we will have to go through the following procedure:

  1. Collect the impression of the thumb of all teaching, non-teaching staff and students who vail the bus facility.
  2. Instruct them about the latest advent and convince them it is solely for their security measures.
  3. All who are verified can avail the bus facility and rets will be restricted.

Now talking about the wide range of merits it can put through the contemporary phase is as follows:

  1. Each student will have an authenticated entry into the school bus.
  2. Each teaching and non-teaching staff will have an authenticated entry.
  3. No outsider can avail the bus facility.
  4. Intrusions and hijacks can be strictly prohibited.
  5. Strict proof of whether the student has availed the bus facility will be availed.
  6. No forgery can take place.


An imitation of the fingerprint can never be done. Thus the system will not fail and can never be forged. The fingerprint can never be reconciled because each fingerprint is extremely unique and recreating it perfectly is next to impossible. There are a lot of curvatures that can never be imitated and it can fail miserably after a fingerprint scan takes place.

The employment of a fingerprint scanner in school bus can be extremely helpful for all in terms of security. Giving a secure environment for their children to thrive is the top priority of all parents. And no parent would compromise when it comes to the welfare of their students. So why take a chance. It is always best to adopt a fingerprint scanner in the school bus and make the little ones safe and secure. Having a fingerprint scanner on the doorstep of the school bus can restrict any intruder who can be a savage to many lives. So it is best to adopt a fingerprint scanner and make that choice readily!

How advantageous can it be to schools?

There are instances where the schools can proudly acclaim that they host the safest school bus facility and no intruder can find a way inside. Do you wonder any parent needs more?

Instead of boasting about the extra ingenious curriculum and the strategies employed to hone the talents of your little ones one extra token of care to your little ones can be extremely worthwhile and can trigger a passionate interest in your school environment. In this crime-infested contemporary world, a school which takes an extra precaution on the well being of their students can be extremely helpful and it can surge a deep interest in the schools. Thus, it can result in zero-word publicity of your school and can surely expect a booming rush in admissions.

The fingerprint scanner from Screen Check can liberate a safe and secure school going and it can relieve the tension of every responsible parent and can be a win-win situation for all the school admin and other officials in an authority position. The employment of fingerprint scanner can provide an array of virtues that can liberate your worries and you may remain carefree.

Fingerprint Scanners in Schools

Nowadays, many schools want to bring fingerprint live scanner technology in their education systems because of its speed and affordability. Fingerprint technology of Screen Check in Saudi is a cost-effective and modern technology that can be fairly integrated with any management system in schools in Dubai.