RFID Reader and Antennas in Saudi Arabia

Understanding the advantages of RFID over conventional Barcodes.

Radio frequency identification devices are helping the economy in maintaining order. Companies now opt for RFID readers and antennas in Saudi Arabia to monitor objects and people. Know more about its working and roles in this article.

RFID, as it is popularly known is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification”, a technology that gives identity to an object. The identification is done with the help of RFID tags or smart labels that are scanned using RFID readers. RFID has more advantages over the conventional bar codes. One of the most notable features of RFID Riyadh is its ability to read the tag beyond the line-of-sight, whereas barcodes must be aligned with the optical scanner. RFID tags readers are devices which can store huge amount of data inside a chip. The tag is scanned for authenticating and identifying objects, like the debit/credit card.

RFID comes under a segment of technology known as Automation Identification and Data Capture. This method detects the identification of an object, collects data and feeds into a computer using radio waves without human intervention. An RFID system contains three major components, an RFID tag, an RFID reader and an antenna. The tags contain an embedded circuit and an antenna with which data is transferred to the RFID reader. The reader converts the data as usable information and is stored in a computer. This data can be retrieved later for any resourceful purpose. The RFID tags are reusable.

RFID helps in getting information from miles away with the use of satellites. It has the ability to send and receive large date and in some RFID’s the data can even be decoded. Distance and storage for these systems are just a piece of cake. Environmental barriers like rain, humidity or dust don’t affect the functioning of the system, making it ideal to be implemented in Saudi Arabia. You can get the standard as well as custom RFID systems in Saudi Arabia from leading security solution dealers like Screencheck Saudi. They are one of the best RFID distributors in Saudi Arabia. There are mainly two kinds of RFID systems, the high frequency, and the low-frequency tag. The high-frequency tag can work under the cloth or human body, while the low-frequency tag works were data transfer needs to be done quickly.

RFID tag reader Saudi Arabia is not only used for communication but can be used for tracking objects too. Due to their efficiency and data resource management, RFIDs are now rampantly used in various industries throughout Saudi Arabia. Since these have major advantage over Barcodes, many companies have started incorporating RFIDs in production and sales to keep a check on inventories. Credit card companies use RFID tags on cards for customer payments. RFID is used in allocating spaces in a parking lot or even to track a container. The system uses less manpower and therefore, the chances of errors are very slim.

Developed countries use automation explosively making it a lifestyle requirement. Everything around works on sensors and actuators. Let’s discuss how the best RFID Saudi Arabia can be used in major organizations and establishments.

RFID in Healthcare

RFID is a boon to the health sector. From getting information regarding blood in a blood bank to tracking a patient’s details, RFID is used in almost every department of the health sector. Sometimes RFID tags are worn on the patient’s wrist, ankle or on anything that the patient carries. This can help doctors to get data regarding the patient as well as monitor his/her activities through the admission.

RFID in Supply Chain

Logistics is the key to growth in any economy. Every company depends on logistics in one way or the other. RFID can help logistics to flow smoothly across demand and supply. Companies lose business due to error in transportation or because of delayed delivery. With RFID, now goods and trucks can be tracked or monitored in a warehouse.  This saves money and manpower for the company.

RFID in sales

When you check out of a shop, the cashier scans a tag fixed on the material you have bought. This enables the management to keep track of the material, their stock and when to order the next goods. RFID thus enables companies to create a demand and supply pattern for their products. The store can monitor how many items have been sold on a particular day, how many items have been delivered from the warehouse and other data. Data retrieval can be done at convenience with RFID.

RFID in surveillance

RFID’s can be used for people surveillance just like how items are monitored in a store. People can be put on surveillance using RFID in places like prison, rehabilitation centers or inside a high-security government establishment.

During major events happening inside a stadium or an open space where 2 lakh people are expected to show up, organizers use RFID tag to differentiate guest and to streamline the division. This can avoid unnecessary confusion and mess during the program.

RFID is a simple technology that has the potential to ease life and maintain order. Screencheck Saudi provides some of the best RFID readers and antennas in Saudi Arabia. They are the most recommended RFIDdistributor is Saudi Arabia. Experts at Screencheck will give you a walk-through on various RFID systems that are currently available in the market. Call Screencheck at 00966-11-4450504 and talk to your security expert today.