The Right Visitor Management system for your business

Knowing how is your business environment through an effective Visitor management system.

Gone are the days of employing workforce to track who is entering and leaving a premise with a register. They have been found to be error-filled or can easily be manipulated. The visitor management system in Saudi Arabia is now useful in tracking every visitor making every workspace safe and secure.

Visitor management is a security system with which guests are tracked in living or office space. A visitor can be a customer, a delivery person, or a job applicant. Anyone who is not a regular employee is a visitor at your premises.

In the olden days, visitor management was done using a clipboard or registered presented at the reception. A visitor needs to note down his details, the purpose of the visit and time with the front desk employee. The front office executive then notifies the host and waits for permission to let the visitor access the requested floor. As time passes, registers become overcrowded and become a tedious job in finding any malpractices or trespassing done few months or a year ago. This system isn’t an efficient system when we consider its reliability and easiness. This is okay when you are fine without any visitor log or ID badges or to employ a receptionist.

In a changing world, every business demands tighter security for safeguarding various resources. The truth is that every business environment needs to be different and secure. That can impart a sense of belong to your business from your employees. Making the environment more secure gives the business the identity of innovative and modern. You want to show your customers, your job applicants, and the world that you’re on the cutting edge.

Visitor management is essential for premises protection. It is important to provide a reliable system that secures everything effectively within your premises. In great business habitats, we can see and feel the right security system from the reception to the most secure places inside the office. Visitors, as well as employees in the office, can work relaxed and feel more secure after the installation of an effective visitor management system.

There are many visitor management dealers in Saudi Arabia. So how will you decide which visitor management system would appropriately suit your business? You can’t bluntly decide on the most critical device in your establishment, just like you do some random shopping. There are certain features and criteria you need to look forward to while selecting the right visitor management system. Possibly the selection criteria could be based on reliability, affordability, and efficiency. Therefore one needs to go for a security device that meets all the requirements. To get a cost-effective, reliable and efficient security device is now not a problem to achieve with the biometric visitor management system sold by the best biometric system dealer in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck.

Visitor Management

The biometric system has been flourishing as the most trusted security system currently across Saudi Arabia. A biometric system is a process of identifying unique human traits to identify and differentiate humans according to the designation or with the level of authority. The biometric system captures human details through a face recognition system or fingertip scanner and is stored inside the database, like a cloud or server, so that the data can be cross-checked at any moment later.

When a visitor or a new employee registers in a visitor management system, it captures the details and saves it the system. An algorithm is used to match with the already saved data, which is either the pattern of eye or finger, while the visitor walks in again. If the system finds the right match, the visitor management system grants permission to the individual.

You can’t just walk into a biometric security dealer in Saudi Arabia and choose a system randomly. Screencheck provides an elaborate fleet of branded visitor management systems for your business irrespective of size. You need not trust on any security solution unless your management is convinced about its features and ultimate security.

  1. Reliability
  2.  The latest visitor management system is built with cutting edge technology, incorporating the best features. Therefore, the visitor management system is reliable enough to support the security of the environment. If the premise gets attacked by the unauthenticated individuals, then the device is facilitated with the alarm system which blows when the device senses any malpractices or trespassing.
  3. Budget-friendly
  4.  At Screencheck, experts at biometric security solutions guide you to purchase the most profitable and reliable visitor management system that sticks within your budget. Installation and maintenance of visitor management system are low and can easily be managed within the budget.
  5. Human intervention
  6.  The visitor management system in Saudi Arabia doesn’t need any human intervention as compared to conventional systems. And also, the system is completely touch-free. Touch-free systems don’t require a physical touch of an individual for identification or authentication. This feature helps the device to enhance security throughout the premise and reduces fraudulence.

These are a few features to check when you decide on the visitor management system. Screencheck experts can explain and brief you about various brands of security solutions that are apt for your business. Call Screencheck at 00966-11-4450504 and talk to security solution experts.