Virdi Ubio- X Pro Review

Analysing the new Virdi UBio- X Pro by trusted biometric system dealers in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck. Read to know more,
Virdi UBio-X Pro is a face and fingerprint recognition access control system ideal for almost all kinds of environments. An innovative and simple device that is now in no demand is a crossover of conventional and futuristic access control systems. Virdi’s latest face recognition algorithm or the highly accurate dual-camera system, UBio-X Pro is one of the highly versatile face and fingerprint recognition terminals in Saudi Arabia right now.
This smart access control system is equipped with the world’s highest performance face recognition algorithm, backed by a high definition dual-camera system to provide a quick identification and authentication process with great performance and reliability.
The device is equipped with a powerful quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM, UBio-X Pro can match 150,000 face templates in 1 second. Fast processing, however, is not the only highlight of its facial recognition ability; Virdi’s face authentication algorithm can recognize faces without compromising accuracy even in challenging lighting conditions.
Screencheck is an authorized dealer of Ubio-X Pro time and attendance system in Saudi Arabia. They have a wide range of products that can be used for the safety and security of your business. Screencheck experts now explain the features of UBio-X Pro and how it can enhance your business.
Features of Virdi UBio- X Pro.

  • High-performance face recognition algorithm will provide quick identification and authentication within a short span.
  • Multi-option biometric recognition: face and fingerprint for access control and time and attendance applications. With the pandemic situation, one can turn the system to a complete face recognition system keeping finger identification as a stand by.
  • High-speed face and fingerprint matching making it reliable for large business companies. Instant matching speed 150,000 face templates in 1 second
  • Fake fingerprints can be alerted and any malpractices can be notified with quick intensity.
  • 2MP CMOS camera with IR LED, stronger filtering of background brighter background conditions which apply suits for all kinds of aesthetics.
  • Designed to adapt to high ambient light conditions, illuminates up to 30,000 Lux
  • Android 6.0 based intuitive graphical user interface with touch screen is highly user friendly and can be easily installed.

Usability and Applications
UBio-X Pro’s usability gets to the next level with its 5 inches intuitive LCD touch screen with clean, wide and easy to use graphical interface. While shaking hands with biometric recognition, UBio-X Pro does not forget RF access cards. Its built-in card reader can read multiple card types including SC Card (13.56 MHz), RF Card (125 kHz) and PROX Card (125 kHz).
There is no limit to where you can use UBio-X Pro. All-access control and time and attendance applications in manufacturing plants, banks, high-security access control in data centers, R&D centers and even in large scale integrated security centers, can meet your security as well performance expectations.
The system is currently available from the most trusted biometric system provider in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck. You may contact Screencheck at + 966 11 4450504. Experience the best customer satisfaction and true guidance in securing your business well.