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ScreenCheckSaudi provides a comprehensive video surveillance solution that helps you monitor and improve productivity and secure your premises by visitor monitoring. Our partnership with SCATI helps us provide the most advanced and competitive solutions. Our installation & maintenance division has a strong foundation of engineers and technicians, ensuring the best service to our clients. Regular factory training by our suppliers & partners makes sure that our engineers always updates on the latest technologies and equipment.

Why Choose SCATI from ScreenCheckSaudi

  • Open, Comprehensive, and Scalable Solutions
  • Centralized and Remote Management for Ease of Use
  • Proactive and Automatic Features for Enhanced Security
  • Customizable Solutions to Meet Unique Business Needs
  • Business Intelligence Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Access Control System

We provide a complete video surveillance solution that helps you track and grant access only to the right personnel on the premises. Incorporating the security features into the SCATI system ensures enhanced safety measures. A hassle-free access can be granted through the wise utilization of a CCTV access control system in Saudi Arabia.

  • Integrates facial recognition, body temperature monitoring and facemask detection.
  • Contactless and efficient identification from up to 2 meters distance.
  • Handles up to 50,000 records, and triggers alarms for a swift response.

Face Recognition System


Our Face recognition systems detect, identify and process images of individuals while preserving anonymity by converting them into binary data. SCATI utilizes this technology to identify VIP clients and provide personalized treatment. It also enables access control for authorizing and denying entry to specific areas and preventing anonymous identity theft—all in compliance with data protection regulations. Gain insights into who accesses your facilities with the CCTV face recognition solution in Saudi Arabia with SCATI.

  • Provides security and business benefits.
  • Segments of customer profiles by gender and age
  • Enables access control for employees and visitors.

Heat Mapping System

By utilizing our CCTV heatmap solutions in Saudi Arabia, such as those offered by SCATI, businesses can not only enhance security but also gather insights about customers and determine which products or promotions are most appealing. These comprehensive video systems go beyond traditional surveillance, empowering businesses to stay on top and safeguarding their operations with a single solution.

  • Visual representation of customer behaviour within physical stores.
  • Optimizes product placement and resource allocation.
  • Enables data-driven decisions for maximizing profitability.

Experience Security and Business Optimization with Screen Check Saudi’s Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions!

Heat Map

Video System For Tracking Of Goods


To meet the demands of a competitive market and satisfy customers’ expectations for prompt deliveries, ScreenCheck Saudi invest in advanced technologies for our customers. The risk of losing merchandise and tarnishing the reputation of corporate clients remains a concern. To address this, we offer SCATI PARCEL. This solution provides reliable CCTV good traceability solutions in Saudi Arabia, enabling businesses to maintain control over their inventory and uphold trust in their operations.

  • SCATI PARCEL integrates video surveillance with warehouse management systems.
  • Provides transparent visual verification for efficient incident resolution.
  • Enables comprehensive monitoring, tracking and access to recorded videos for precise identification.

Queue Management System

With our intelligent CCTV queue management solutions in Saudi Arabia, businesses can effectively make decisions and optimization of human resources across different time intervals. A CCTV queue management system like SCATI’s can be an invaluable asset to your organization.

  • Reduces waiting times and enhances service efficiency.
  • Automatic alarms for exceeding capacity or desirable wait times
  • Provides valuable insights into average waiting times and traffic flow.