Dammam, the fastest growing city in Saudi Arabia, is the major administrator for the Saudi Oil Industry, and teeming with both the local populace and a wave of foreign workers.

For a metropolitan city with suburbs constituting the Greater Dammam city, the administration of the number of expatriates working within the oil industry becomes difficult to trace and monitor.

While Saudi Arabia welcomes digital transition, the potential risk it poses to national security cannot be ignored.

The security provided by digital technology is not developed enough to guarantee zero mishaps, in fact it may pose a greater threat.

With National security being a primary concern, there is no room for such mishaps; Identification of every working body is of primary significance.

Need for Smart ID’s

‘Smart’ ID cards tackle technology performance to provide credible and secure data for both, hard copies and soft copies. This eases labor burdens and prevents mistakes when scanning an ocean of identity details.

Given that high-quality, ‘smart’ ID cards don’t print as fast in bulk, ID card printers that deliver speed as well as quantity, and use advanced technology to ensure security and credibility are more in demand.

Need for Zebra ID card printers

Zebra provides ‘smart’ plastic ID card printers that produce edge to edge vibrant color cards in high quality print within a single pass, issuing cards that can capture biometric data quickly.

The printer automatically controls the issuance, card printing, quality control and delivery, and can be verified quickly anytime. It supports the system of identification technologies like RFID, UHF, HID, barcodes, etc.

Its flexible modular design provides various options to suit any type of demand in print, be they monochrome or full spectrum, single or dual side, lamination, thermal transfer or retransfer, cleaning or authenticating ribbon etc.

The result is printed IDs that are visually appealing, durable, and secure, preventing false impersonations.

Screencheck Saudi

Screencheck Saudi is the lead distributor in Identification, Biometrics and RFID products in the Middle East.

As the top supplier in ID card printers, they have partnered with renowned identity card printers, Bravo and Zebra.

They have channeled their presence with 150 partners across 25 countries, providing solutions in ID card assurance, RFID tracking, access control, smart card and many more.