Confused about choosing the right platform for your ID card printer?

 Choosing the right ID card printer isn’t enough while buying an ID card printer in Saudi Arabia. You need to choose the right platform on which the ID card printer would work seamlessly. Read more to know how to choose the right ID card software for your printer.

Concerned about the security of your company? Stuck at a juncture where you are having difficulty in choosing the right ID card software? This article is about knowing more about ID card software and how an organization can get the best from a security solution dealer in Saudi Arabia. Wrong choices can turn you bankrupt and you might lose the track of your business.  You need to think about what you want compared to what you need. Various factors like the size of the company, budget for the purchase of the equipment and overall workspace aesthetics are the few. Of these, one of the most ignored and hard decisions is choosing the right ID software. Too many businesses procrastinate and continue to lose money on outsourcing because they are not sure the ID card printers.

If you do the math over the years on the money spend on outsourcing the production of ID cards or paying a receptionist, you can understand how reasonable and reliable is a good ID card software can be. You don’t need to contact the print house for regular corrections and waste the valuable business hours on sending the cards back to have errors fixed. It is for sure that efficient ID card printing software can save money, convenience and an opportunity to creatively take part in the printing process. The key is to choose only the features your company needs today and possibly a few years down the road if you have plans of expanding. You don’t want to waste a lot of money on extra features you really don’t need. If you are not going to be printing proximity cards for access control needs then you don’t need a printer that does that and all the extra accessories.

As always deeply understanding the need and brainstorming with your employees can get a picture on which ID card printing software will suit your work culture. There are various types of ID cards that are now available using ID card printers. You can find printers that will produce color or black and white cards. You need to determine if you want to print information on one side of the card or both. You need to know if you want to use data cards that use magnetic stripes or simply produce photo ID cards. If you know all of these, your decision would be easy.

A complete ID card printer system comprises an ID card printer, computer and ID card printing software. This shows how important and essential it is to install an effective ID card printing software. PVC cards, ribbons, and cardholders are other accessories you will have to need. Supply needs vary from business to business as each security process and security needs are unique by industry and organizational size.

Screencheck is one of the leading ID card printers and accessories dealers in Saudi Arabia. They have gained trust from corporate offices across the Middle East for their service and customer care. Screencheck sells two prominent ID card printing software for its clients. Badge maker and Cardpresso. We briefly describe the two software that can be purchased from Screencheck.

Badgemaker 6400

Badgemaker 6400 is a trusted choice among many business establishments for card personalization. The brand serves many reputed offices and government administrations. National ID, driving licenses, passports, civil identification or social security cards are all made using the Badgemaker 6400 software. Badgemaker is notable for its designing ability, customization options, and personalized card on demand.  The software comes with innumerable features that are useful to a company on a day to day bases. The ID card software enables fast and convenient card production, e.g. dynamic logo, automatic layout, multiple photo storage per record,  advanced barcode library, magstripe, contact, and contactless smart card encoding. Reduce card production time and the no failure rate makes Badgemaker 6400 an ideal choice for your business.


Cardpresso ID card software is user-friendly and designed for the maximum utility. The software enables the large database for accommodating every individual detail, with or without photographs. The Cardpresso enables you to design, print and encode the ID card without any third party help. The product is suitable for any organization irrespective of its size. Cardpresso ID software can be installed quickly and you can start creating ID cards for universities, governmental, large companies, registration, identification, and access control.

Get in touch with Screencheck, Saudi Arabia and install the best ID card printing software today.