How much do you trust a stranger on your premises?

VAMS is a security solution where every visitor is identified before entering into space. The visitor management system in Saudi Arabia is efficient in securing a space thus avoiding unwanted interactions with strangers or trespassers.

Security solutions are changing every day trying to make this world a better place for all. We don’t allow strangers to be inside our house. If a visitor walks in, we make sure that they won’t enter our private space without our concern. But how do you manage a large business space which is filled with clients, visitors, strangers or anyone else? With the world becoming a bitter place with terrorists and gunmen, it is important that we keep our dear, loyal and close ones safe.

Visitor Authentication Management system popularly known as VAMS is a security solution for corporate, commercial, residential and high-security environments. The system uses the old school method of segregating individuals according to their destination, purpose or level of authority. VAMS is a web-based system that acquires individual information through a scanner or a similar device. The software, using the latest technologies of security, makes sure that every person entering a premise is identified and recognized as harmless.

VAMS is known for its fast response and high-end security feature that safeguards the premise. The VAMS platform validates very visitors and collects information from them through a seamless process. The data can be retrieved and checked later at any moment with a 100% traceability. Some of the key features of VAMS are mobile authentication, self-help kiosk, access control integrations, Visitor asset data capture, databases support, emergency alert, admin reports by email, customer security standards, and email message template.

VAMS is a secured visitor authentication solution designed and manufactured to eliminate any foul play or fraudulent inside a system. The method to achieve this has become a breakthrough and the authentication process is strong enough to alert any malpractice. VAMS is made with a two-factor authentication technique that is unique and user-friendly. The authentication process only allows the right and the required person to access a business or residential space without altering the overall dynamics of the space. The system ensures a peaceful working as well as private space for you and your close ones.

Management can acquire data regarding any individual that have accessed their premises in real-time or anytime at their convenience. With fast responsive time, collecting data can be done within a finite span of time. The data is secured stored in a central VAMS database where it can retrieve at any level; an office, a whole building or a cluster of buildings.

VAMS can be used by the management to generate reports regarding individuals for the purpose of business development or for incorporating new rules. VAMS, therefore, eliminate the chances of any error occurred due to human negligence and also avoids useless paper documentation process. The OmniReach feature incorporated in VAMS allows the management to send alert messages to employees or visitors at the time of an emergency.

VAMS helps in maintaining order inside the workspace allowing a streamlined workflow. The VAMS predefined protocol allows individual inside the premise in an orderly way so that everyone is secured inside their respective spaces. The system has an ON and OFF feature for individuals to decide when to make their premises accessible and when to restrict. The system is integrated with a locker management system which allows the visitors and employees to safeguard their resources digitally.

VAMS has 4 modules. Each module will be explained below.


VAMS has a high repute of efficient and secured individual checking process. The process records any individual who is trying to access your business space. Apart from security solutions, VAMS can be used as a productivity tool to find the best working hours, the most productive hours, save time and cost, helps in generating useful reports and lessen the stress over your office receptionist. To run a successful business, it is important to secure them too. An efficient VAMS system secures your business and its resources from any unseen or intentional acts of harm that can compromise the safety of all.


Schools and Malls are increasingly vulnerable to harmful acts. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the management to secure such establishments. By installing a VAMS system in such spaces one can ensure that everyone inside the premise is safe through real-time monitoring, controlling and automating access. Commercial Visitor Authentication Management Systems not only enhances the security and professionalism of the organization but also creates a very positive first impression that serves several organizational purposes. VAMS also helps in reducing security risk, vehicle misuse, false fuel claims, material pilferage, etc.


VAMS systems ensure a safe neighboorhood to all. Residents can feel secure and relaxed using VAMS which broadcasts them the details of every visitor, vehicle or asset who has accessed their space. Real-time alerts can be sent to occupants in the time of distress allowing residents to take action and safeguard their property. It ensures help to apartments or residents/communities by strengthening gated security and tracking the use or misuse of facilities and clubhouses.

VAMS plays a vital role in securing any organization these days. From a single room office to a widespread mall to a school, VAMS is now securing human lives and resources. An effective VAMS can help protect an organization from data theft, data misuse, security loophole or manipulations. With biometric solutions incorporated with VAMS, the security of every environment has risen to a considerable and appreciable level. Screencheck, a leading security solution dealer in Saudi Arabia is selling VAMS to various organizations across the Middle East.

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