RFID is used to locate and trace assets of your business

 RFID is the latest security solution in tracking an asset that is lost or is to be tracked. RFID systems in Saudi Arabia are helping companies to flourish by keeping the right track of goods. Impinj Speedway reader is one of the best RFID readers available in the Middle East right now.

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification as popularly known is an advanced security technology used for identifying an object. RFID tags are used on objects to detect them electronically. A small chip embedded into the object stores data regarding the object so that it can be traced, located or collected back. An RFID tag, when used in credit/debit cards, gives a unique identification. The tag is scanned using a reader to authenticate and identify the object. RFID tags are now used extensively throughout Saudi Arabia in various verticals of industries and organizations like hospitals, schools and manufacturing plants.

RFID applications in Saudi Arabia have become popular due to their ability to tracking objects from a distance. Their efficiency and low error rates in tracking inventories have made them versatile and reliable across industries. RFID’s are faster than conventional barcode and have the ability to store a great amount of data. The scanning process can be done even if the space between the tag and the reader is covered with another medium. Many industries use FRIV readers to keeps inventories or objects in control. These industries also use WiFi solutions for transferring data through tags which are helpful in inventory management.

RFID readers in Saudi Arabia can be witnessed on a day to day bases. They are now extensively used in credit cards to make payments by the customers easy. This enables the customers to pay a bill without walking to the counter thus saving time. One can see the use of RFID technology in parking spaces. Vehicles can now be parked without worry and in an order that doesn’t hinder others. When cargos are marked with an RFID tag, they can easily be located and found in between large shipments. The RFID technology is, therefore, a boon to the economy with its advantages of cost-cutting and saving time. With reduced human interaction, the chance of inventories getting misplaced or lost is now less than slim.

Screencheck is one of the leading dealers of RFID solutions in Saudi Arabia. They have gained trust over the years with their dedicated service in providing the best security solutions for industries. Screencheck has a fleet of reliable and efficient security solution products like biometric security devices, ID card printers, RFID devices, and Visitor management systems. Screencheck host one of the best RFID reader in Saudi Arabia, Impinj.

Impinj is a leading provider of RFID Solutions in almost 60 countries with over 250 patents issued. “We believe that by expanding the reach of the Internet to items such as apparel, medical supplies, luggage, automotive parts—nearly everything—we can improve people’s lives”, states Chris Diorio, Founder, and CEO of Impinj. This explains how prompt and accurate Impinj systems can bring to your business. The platform consists of both software and hardware to connect items in the most secure way. Impinj is helping companies around the world increase sales, improve efficiencies, and deliver compelling experiences.

Impinj Speedway RFID reader

Impinj Speedway reader is a perfect amalgam of perfection and reliability. The Impinj Speedway has nil error reports thus making it the most relying RFID reader in Saudi Arabia. Impinj latest fixed readers for a diverse range of applications, they have high mean time between failure and ideal encasing for supporting products and tools.

Impinj speedway RFID reader supports up to 32 antennas. This enables the device to scan an entire area and read data from a single reader. This cuts the cost of inventory management of any business. The system comes with various operational modes that help to find and locate objects regressively 24×7.  Impinj Speedway comes with Autopilot capability to automatically optimize performance. The system is also customizable through hardware and software suite.


Key features of Impinj Speedway

  • Adaptability- Impinj Autopilot technology automatically optimizes the reader’s operation for its environment for optimized performance.
  • Four Antenna Ports- Extendable to 32 antennas with Impinj Antenna Hub, supports short and long-range reads thus enabling it to employ in any scale of a warehouse.
  • Simple, Flexible Deployment- Antennas, software, and tools can be installed at ease with fewer maintenance costs.

Impinj RFID readers are available at Screencheck. Walk-in and talk to security solution experts to know more about the usability and advantages of using Impinj systems.