Screencheck is one of the leading distributors of biometric solutions across the Middle East. With the virus spreading and taking tool on lives, Contactless and a secure biometric solution have become the need of the hour.


Screencheck is one of the leading distributors of biometric solutions in Saudi Arabia. They have been providing access control systems and time and attendance devices to various business establishments across the globe. Access control and time and attendance system are the two most popular biometric security system used. Fingerprint readers are the most used biometric recognition system. One of the single biggest causes of disease transmission is based on what we touch, the germs we pick up from what other people have touched. This means that any contact-based biometric can cause the spread of infection at hospitals or clinics. With the spread of Covid-19, hospitals in China removed the fingerprint biometric as it became the epicentre of spreading infection among medical officers and doctors.


“Iris recognition system has never been in this demand before. Lately, the hospital sector has understood the need for a non-contact biometric system in hospitals and its the need of the hour”, says the sales head of Screencheck. Screencheck has been promoting the use of iris recognition system for long. They have one of the most reliable, fast and smart iris recognition device, the CMITech EF 45 dual iris recognition system.


The CMITech EF 45 is an iris recognition system capable of scanning the eye without the need for users to touch the device. The scanner detects the presence of any individual in front of the device. The scanner can detect the face and automatically adjusts the angle of the iris camera. The image captured is connected into a data template which is then stored in the system. When an individual’s iris is scanned, the image is correlated with the database to authenticate the identity.  With iris recognition being the most unique form of identification, the CMITech EF 45 is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a highly accurate, contactless solution.


The CMITech EF 45, available at Screencheck is one of the most advanced iris recognition systems now available in the market. The system is highly innovative with the user positioning approach which gives the user a real-time graphic interface of their own face. The interface is a 5-inch display which gives individual data regarding the capture. The central positioning system indicates when the user is in position and the image is been captured through a green indicator. The system has a unique and highly innovative face display positioning system with a capture range of 35 to 45 cm. Standard face image capture, with optional face recognition and dual-factor authentication, makes CMITech EF 45 even more unique. All the image processing is down in the mainboard including iris coding and matching, making it compact and can be installed to protect any space during an emergency. The CMITech EF 45 is priced at the best budget and can be afforded by hospitals and clinic without burning their pocket. Screencheck has been reloading the stocks of the iris recognition system to face the crisis faced by various hospitals around the globe.


Iris recognition systems at Screencheck can enhance security, increase the efficiency of identification and also offer a reduction in the risk of the spread of virus infection like Covid-19. Due to its durability, contactless and long-lasting property, CMITech EF 45 is definitely the best biometric solution for hospitals.