How to choose the right Time and attendance system


Are you confused with the options of time and attendance systems in front of you? This article will help you to narrow down your options and get you to the right time and attendance system in Saudi Arabia.


The advantages of time and attendance systems no longer need to be highlighted to business establishments across the globe. Apart from enhancing productivity, efficiency or budget cut, they ensure employee satisfaction and a great work environment. Companies are therefore now investing in a time and attendance system while some of them are upgrading from the existing one. However, the market is filled with various options for time and attendance systems in Saudi Arabia. 2Companies need to think logically and wisely to zero down on the most appropriate system that serves the purpose for a long time. Screencheck is one of the leading time and attendance system suppliers in Saudi Arabia explains various parameters to check before fixing a particular time and attendance system.



With an increasing demand for time and attendance systems from numerous companies and even the state and federal labor department’s scrutinizing payroll practices like a hawk, it’s inevitable that new vendors of such systems keep mushrooming at a quick pace. Thus, it becomes imperative that you purchase the unit from dealers who are having trusted history. With the pay laws relatively complex, a slight error can land your company in a soup. Hence, you must mandatorily purchase such solutions from a company with a proven track both of the systems as well as the services associated with it.


Physical environment

There are various types of systems like biometric, non-biometric, log-in system, data card reader etc. Depending on the number of employees, the multiple data that you wish to track etc. will decide on which time and attendance system you want to opt for. Even your workplace environment would be a consideration. For instance, a finger -print based biometric system may not function properly where your employees’ hands tend to get oily or greasy during work. A badge or PC punch system would be more suitable here.


Payroll system

Attendance, productivity and salary are related to each other. Hence the system selected by you must integrate the three and helps you with an error free data to process correct payroll for the employees every month with negligible hassle



There is no point in installing even the most sophisticated systems if your employees are not able to use it efficiently and with ease. Thus, it should allow installation at convenient places and should be easy and hassle free to encourage the employees to use it regularly.



An important attraction of such systems is their ability to review the employee data fed into them and process various data and analysis of it which proves critical and time saving for you. Thus, you must ensure that the system has a number of pre-built reports and these match your requirements. It should also offer various filters and customization options to allow you to get a varied mix of data in varied formats.


Time saving

The software saves significant time of both the employees and the HR team in tracking, monitoring and processing the productivity time of each employee on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Statistics show that up to 70 percent of the time spent in calculating payroll is saved. This can lead to an enhanced productivity and better utilization of any employee’s time in the organization.


Budget friendly

The automated software puts an end to all in accurate time reporting, absenteeism tracking, buddy punching, time abuse, tardiness and overpayment to employees. Thus a lot of fake and frivolous expenditure is saved for the company. Again the requirement of employees to manually track the employee’s productivity is reduced which again contributes to cost saving.


Flexible workflow management

In the present global business environment, employees are often required to work in varied locations be it office, home, remote location or even the road. The time tracking software should be able to easily track the employee’s work hours using various clocking options like Smartphones, swiping technologies, biometric terminals, Internet and networks and desktop readers.


Hassle free schedule and shift management

These time and attendance systems relieve the organization of the onerous manual schedules. Just a few clicks of the right buttons can help the person responsible to develop and manage the entire schedule. It becomes easy to assign and plan hours to specific tasks, keep track of time swaps and even specify which client, project, or department an employee is currently working with. It allows for an easier and efficient forecast of workloads, resources or even budgets of various departments.


Ease of report creation

The software facilitates easy generation of accurate reports on time worked, absenteeism, schedules and all such related reports and even inventory details.

Consult pioneers like Screencheck biometric solutions in Saudi Arabia to know more and choose the right time and attendance system for your office or business.