Introducing Amazon One, a Biometric payment solution


Amazon has introduced their latest innovation, the Amazon one for making retail payments easy and comfortable. Know more about Amazon One:

Amazon has unveiled their new innovative biometric system which uses palm as a biometric tool. The biometric system will soon be available with retailers which they claim to be the replacement of badge entry at stadiums and workplaces. The new innovation by Amazon is named as Amazon one which they claim as a fast, convenient and contactless way for people to use their palm to make everyday activities effortless. The Amazon one can be used for paying at store, obtaining a loyalty card, entry authentication in stadiums and workplace can be made effortless. Very soon every Amazon Go retail location will be equipped with Amazon one starting from Seattle and Washington.

The aim of Amazon one is to make a quick, reliable and secure way for people to identify themselves and authorize a transaction seamlessly in the current global situation. The system uses each individual’s unique palm signature as an alternative to fingerprint or iris recognition. No two palms are alike, their uniqueness is a feature which enables Amazon’s vision technology to select the most distinct identifiers on a palm to create a unique signature.

Amazon one will be installed at the entry of Amazon Go stores for individuals to authenticate and make payments. The Amazon one is a quick upgrade over the conventional retail payment methods. The systems will be installed close to counters where the normal check out process is done.

Screencheck, a leading biometric product dealer in Saudi Arabia closing observes the changing market scenes. There has been a rapid increase in the use of biometric payments ranging from fingerprint verification on smartphones to more sophisticated systems using facial recognition. Amazon one can be a game changer in the retail sector, says Screencheck experts. China’s Alipay is using a Smile-to-pay system which is hardly an iPad sized for retailers already.

As always privacy concerns about biometric data has been raised but the system assures that every individual data will be safeguarded and protected from hackers. The Amazon one will be having multiple security controls and palm data will not be stored on the data but a custom built cloud set up which is more secure. Protecting customer data needs to be done promptly to gain user trust in the system when it hits the mainstream.

Biometrics as a tool for payment has finally made sense with only doubt pertaining to its acceptability within the general public. We hope Amazon one doesn’t break the trust of their loyal customers, adds Screencheck.