The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rejects all forms of violence, terrorism and extremism.

Technology has given birth to various devices and solutions to help prevent this and to ensure citizen safety.

Jeddah, the second largest city of Saudi Arabia and gateway to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina, uses technology to transform the city into a modern commercial hub, adapting to innovations and improving the security of the Kingdom’s tourism sector.

However, to explore and utilize digital technology in a secure manner is of significant importance.

Need for secure ID cards

Though ID cards are a basic and simple tool to access information on personal identification, these cards that hold credible information of a citizen’s personal identity can be misused if lost or forged.

Secure ID cards often come at a price, however there are a few ID card printers which have quality materials to print secure, durable, and quality cards at a fast rate for an affordable price.

Need for ID card printers in Jeddah

Recently, Jeddah launched SNIC to ensure security and convenience for citizens living abroad.

However, losing or misplacing an ID card is common. In a hub for tourists, an ID card will be required for everything. Losing or misplacing an ID card is like losing one’s identity.

Hence, there should be flexible and quality ID card printers as well plastic card printers available anytime and anywhere in Jeddah to ensure citizens maintain, renew, and manage their ID cards with convenience.

ScreenCheck Saudi is the leading Suprema Distributor in Saudi Arabia  suitable for any type of access control and biometric devices. Their ID card printing systems support most of the identification technologies like Mifare, RFID, UHF, HID, contact smart card, proximity and so on which manage the entire printing process.

ScreenCheck Saudi Arabia

In association with Zebra, Suprema, Impinj, Bravo, Tiso and Edikio and many more, ScreenCheck ME not only distributes ID card printers, but also provides cutting edge solutions, biometric readers, access control equipment, RFID readers, and CCTV cameras.