Face recognition is one of the most foolproof identifications and the authenticating system now available in the market.

With the advancement of Biometric, face recognition systems are constantly changing. A start-up in Europe is using face recognition system to identify the emotion of the crowd. Increasing security measures is spiking up the need for face recognition systems across the globe.

Crime rates are high and the world is becoming more insecure. It is necessary that we keep our loved ones and our resources at a safe bay. With recent terror attacks, establishments and organisations around the world are spiking up their security features. Still, many organizations are using the manual security system in which there is a huge problem of cheating and bluffing with security guard.

Biometric is advancing day by day. Face recognition is a biometric solution designed to identify an individual using facial features. These process doesn’t require any contact between the face and the scanner. The process runs through algorithms defined for each face saved in the database to identify and allow access. Security of any business can be upgraded using facial recognition. The versatile nature of facial recognition makes it a preferred choice for added security. Screencheck, one of the leading dealers of face recognition devices in Saudi Arabia finds Suprema FaceStation 2 as one of the leaders in security solutions.

Face recognition system is used in visitor management systems to track the number of visitors visiting a premise and also to restrict any trespassing through the area. They are also under in time attendance system which controls the working time of employees as well as records the incoming, outgoing, overtime etc of each employee at your business. Many companies across gulf are now opting for face recognition systems as they ensure the safety and security of man and raw materials. As a whole, process and its mechanism, face recognition systems are simple and don’t have any disadvantages.

Face recognition system is a computer-based technology that allows users to access highly accurate information about the visitor and employees. An HD camera scans an individual’s face and converts them algorithms.  Then, it is stored in a computer database for future verification. If a visitor or client revisits the premise, the system will authenticate the individual using the already saved data. It is one of the unique security systems which easily verify the identification and provide more accurate and error-free results in a short span of time.

The biometric face recognition system has many advantages over the conventional security systems that are still in use. The face recognition system can work in any environmental conditions making it durable and sustaining. It has the most desirable feature that is accuracy which is very crucial for face recognition. It is easy to install and easy to use as it does not require any professional to operate the system and any common man can easily work around it.

Face recognition systems are capable of scanning 8, 00,000 faces per second. The software that supports the system has a fast response time and therefore doesn’t delay in identifying and authenticating an individual. The individual needs to stand in the proximity to the scanner but don’t need to be in touch or need to be in alignment. It does not require perfect placement of facial parameters.

Facial biometric technology has a varying application, it is now used in a built-in camera of a smart device like a tablet or a smartphone, face recognition software can replace passwords for devices and user accounts. The technology can be used to crib criminals and is used in border forces for a better security check on individuals. Another popular application for facial recognition systems is access control at the high-value site. In the commercial sector, marketers and retailers are adopting technology as a means to gather crucial demographic data.

Screencheck has a large fleet of biometric security solutions. Screencheck is one of the leading dealers of biometrics and security. They have an impressive collection of Suprema, a leading global provider for biometric solutions. Being a premium brand serving almost 130 countries, Suprema through Screencheck is definitely the right choice for your security needs. The Supreme Facestation 2 is a popular biometric device used for time and attendance system, visitor management system and various security needs.

Suprema Face Station 2- Smart face recognition terminal

Suprema Facestation 2 is one of must sought out biometric device available in the market right now. The machine comes with unmatched speed, accuracy and level of security. The Facestation 2 achieves 25,000lx of operating illuminance which makes it ideal in any working conditions. The Facestation 2 can be installed at any site irrespective of the scale of the site.


  1. An unbelievable 3000match/ sec with the new 1.4GHz CPU gives no time to wait.
  2. A single unit of FaceStation 2 can accommodate up to 30,000 users, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs.
  3. Better ergonomic design and usability
  4. High-quality face images can be stored.
  5. More reliable and durable even under bad light conditions.

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