A good time and attendance system aren’t complete without the right software.

The reliability and versatility of time and attendance software in Saudi Arabia is a determining factor while looking for a new time and attendance system for your office. Timecheck offers one of the best solutions for various time and attendance systems now available in the market.

Baur Automation was the first company to make time and attendance software. It was known after its inventor, Weeney Clocker. The machine was available in the market of 1992. After its release, many software companies around the world came forward in making the software more reliable and user-friendly. Implementing time and attendance software started to make profits to many companies through saving paper, time and money, and thus the demand grew.

Late after the industrial revolution where manpower was enormous, it was tough for companies to keep track of every employee. Since late 19th century time clock machines made their way to the business world, the process of keeping a detailed record of how much time each employee has spent on his work on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis is made much easier. With the advancement of software, bulky and heavy time and attendance systems were replaced by more compatible ones. Modern time and attendance software developers are trying to deliver better quality, high functionality and more precise time and attendance management processes. With added features and more product options, companies can know to manage employees and executives that contribute to the overall success of the business.

The best time and attendance software not only just tracks employee attendance but also several other features. There is a wide range of programs available in the Saudi Arabian market today. Various payroll system, employee scheduling and attendance to billing programs are possible with the latest time and attendance software. There are paid and free features that can be added to this software to increase the functionality of time and attendance systems such as records of employees’ attendance, work hours, holidays and sick leaves. They have also been proved useful in invoicing, billing, accounting, job costing, cash flow evaluating procedures, etc. Even though companies are striving to increase productivity through all possible ways, the best time and attendance software are moderately priced by software making companies and developers.

Before you choose on a time and attendance system it is recommended that you get a free payroll time clock software or download a free version from the internet. You need to make sure that your download operation has nothing to do with copyright issues.  With the demand for high-performance time and attendance scheduling software solution is on the rise, software piracy is on the rise. To be on the right side, it’s always better to get in touch with trusted time and attendance software dealers like Screencheck for assistance and advice. You can also check for free employee time clock software solutions or related freeware time clock software products that are reliable and trustworthy. However you choose, it’s important that you talk to an expert at Screencheck or use the internet to gain maximum knowledge about the software before you buy and install it into your time and attendance system.

Technicalities of Time and attendance software

Efficient time and attendance software consist of SQL database, LAN and WAN networks, advance payroll, and award interpretation systems. All these work along for a reliable time and attendance system. As a client, you needn’t know the technicalities of the system but it can help you in times of emergency or a security threat.

A wide range of time and attendance systems are available in the market to choose the one that suits the scale of your company. Whether the company is big or small, sole proprietorship or corporation, you can find the solution to match the company’s requirements. If your company has different branches spread out in a large area, time and attendance system can be used to monitor all the locations through a central database. With no errors in reporting, the system can generate complete information, compute wages and taxes of all employees.

The new time and attendance software come with customisable storage space. This feature, unlike the old one, helps you to modify or change the old data according to the present need of storage space.  These are used when the payscale changes or modify the tax amount.

Screencheck is a trusted dealer in the time and attendance system in Saudi Arabia. Screencheck sells one of the most reliable time and attendance software from Timecheck. Timecheck offer a user-friendly interface and a communication program that can increase the productivity of any business by cutting down the level of absence and streamlining employee’s answerability.

Timecheck is compatible with various input devices like a fingerprint scanner, face recognition system, proximity and pin technologies. The Timecheck time and attendance system don’t require any human interaction to calculate attendance, overtime or salary. The ability of Timecheck software to accept any third party software for ERP, HRMS or payroll makes it versatile and highly adaptable. The Timecheck software comes in 4 variants,

TimeCheck Lite

TimeCheck Pro

TimeCheck Enterprise Web

TimeCheck @ Cloud

Contact Screencheck to know more about Timecheck and time and attendance systems today.