Security is a Key consideration while building or renovating any facility and Speedgates and Turnstiles play a major role in this. Turnstiles are systems that enable or disable a person from entering a specific premises. Depending on business needs you can modify the parameters of the speedgate or turnstile for granting access to a specific person entering the business.

However, selecting the right turnstiles in Saudi Arabia can be challenging if you do not know what to look for. Therefore, let’s take a deeper look into the aspects that help you choose a proper turnstile or speedgate system.

Important Factors in Choosing the Right Turnstiles or Speedgate System

There are different types of turnstile gates depending on the security needs of your premises. If you are seeking a turnstile gate for a high security area, like bank vault, high security government or defence facility, then high security full height turnstiles are great. However, for most of the other purposes, it is beneficial to use a waist-length turnstile gate or speed gate.

You can also use a tripod turnstile gate for the security of areas that do not require high-grade restrictions or fast entry. However, for an establishment that needs aesthetic appeal and security at the same time sweeper speed blades are a good choice.

Before you install a turnstile for your business premises make sure to consider some essential technical factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

1. Crossing Capacity

Crossing capacity or flow rate is a measure of the number of persons crossing the turnstile gate. It is a good practice to choose a turnstile gate for your facility that offers a moderate to high flow rate. A good turnstile gate allows access of 25 persons per minute through the facility gate.

Moreover, ensure that the security turnstile gate that you use has an anti-tailgating function. Thus, ensuring that not more than one person gets access using a single credential.

2. Passage Width and Motors Used in Turnstile System

Make sure to research the type of organisation that you own and estimate a passage width. If you have a turnstile gate with a passage width of 560 mm, then it will be helpful for crowd control. You must also ensure that the tripods that are there in the security turnstile gate are motorised.

Motorised gates that can be accessed remotely help to increase the security of your workspace. Additionally, ensure that you have a servo motor in your turnstile gate. This is because servo motors are acceptable for their precision. Moreover, they have a great ability to control the angular movement of arms in a security turnstile gate.

3. Safety for Entrants

Considering flow rate a turnstile can provide secure entry to many individuals at a span. However, they are prone to malfunction due to glitches or other problems. Thus, a company having ISO certification manufactures products that do not physically harm a pedestrian while they pass.

ISO-certified companies make turnstiles that keep in mind the safety of the person passing through their turnstiles. Moreover, it would not be a great option if half of your employees face some minor accidents using access control systems.

4. Processors in Turnstile Gates

You must have a turnstile gate that has microprocessor technology to ensure smooth operations. Moreover, using an advanced microprocessor that has a high processivity power you can keep a note of several components. Some of the components are a counter for entrants.

Such a high processing power makes it easy to track entrants and ensures a limited number of people in a particular area. Moreover, a strong and efficient 32-bit microprocessor can handle most of the communications between the hardware and software. Thus, you get a seamless performance, but the operational power and efficiency can be further increased using an ARM or Cortex processor.

Moreover, having a strong processor also helps the turnstile gate to validate the information from the biometric verification systems. These data can be further used for allowing access or denying it in case a person tries to cross the perimeter entry gate.

5. Infrared Radiation Sensor Module

Make sure to install a security turnstile gate that has infrared radiation enabled inside it. This serves to make sure that no pedestrian is pinched due to the sudden closing of the turnstile gate or its arms. The infrared radiation modules can understand the passage of pedestrians and calculate the number of times a pedestrian crosses it.

The sensor archives such a feat by using three data recording points in a system. Infrared modules help in tracking the movement of the visitor by reading data from the entrance and up to the exit point. Moreover a typical security turnstile gate also has other parameters programmed into it so that there is no chance of visitors getting trapped inside the gate lock system.

Moreover, using a photocell infrared technology it is easy for turnstile gates to enter into an anti-panic mode. Such anti-panic mode enabled security turnstile gate helps to prevent any mishaps while the entrants pass through.

Apart from that, there are many other factors like price, budget and the environment where the turnstile gate can be used. Therefore, consider checking the technical as well as, some general criteria before installing a turnstile gate.

In conclusion, there are various turnstile gate features, which you can evaluate before buying. Modifications and incorporation of accessories are also necessary for providing security to the business premises.

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