The Brilliant Bravo CX 7000


Why choosing the Bravo CX 7000 card printer in Saudi Arabia is one of the best choices for your business? Read to know the features of Brilliant Bravo CX 7000 and how it has an edge over others.


Businesses need a variety of cards for various purposes, employee identification, access to buildings, loyalty cards, etc. Though companies used to get the cards printed by an agency, these days, more companies are realizing the benefits of owning their own card printing machines. Companies may have several options for obtaining cards but perhaps the most advantageous one can be found in owning their own machines and controlling the process from start to finish.


Screencheck is a popular ID card printer distributor in Saudi Arabia. They have been providing security solutions of varying scale to different companies across the Middle East.


Bravo CX 7000 is a dual side re-transfer ID card printer that provides high quality, small footprint and budget-friendly ID cards in a short span of time. The CX 7000 is made with the latest technology print processing on retransfer film and then transferring the image. The Bravo series card printers are made for smart printing solutions to produce a wide range of smart Cades. Experts at Bravo studied and researched various aspects of security and made a dynamic card printer that could address all the issues of the customers. Screencheck sells two of the most prominent models, the Bravo CX 7000 and the Bravo CX7600 along with the expert assistance team.


The Bravo CX 7000 incorporates YMC Dye Sublimation and K Resin Retransfer with an astonishing speed of 100 cards in just an hour. The print quality is exceptionally good with a print resolution of 300 dpi with both sides of printing. The card can be completely printed from edge to edge making it a unique solution in card printing in Saudi Arabia.


Bravo CX 7000 is a high speed and reliable machine for varying scale of business. ID cards can be printed and laminated on both sides with the latest printing technology. Bravo CX 7000 enables us to print on non-PVC items and rough surfaces. The print head of the printer does not come in direct contact with the card surface or foreign particles thus avoiding any damage to the print head.


The reason why Bravo CX 7000 has become famous among corporates, insurance, and registration companies is because of its utility and reliability. The Ink ribbon and retransfer film cartridges can print more than 1000 images making a cost-effective printer compared to other ID card printers available in the market. The CX 7000 is an environmentally friendly machine that can be operated on green mode, which means you can save a significant amount of power. The machine is internationally approved for its safety with  ISO 7810 & 7811/2 Magnetic encoder, IC contact based on ISO 7816 (factory setting).


Choosing Bravo CX 7000 is the right choice. You can contact the best dealers in security solutions in Saudi Arabia, Screencheck, to check the availability of the printer. You can quote card printer through the Screencheck website BRAVO CX 7000 ID Card Printers.