CMITech EF-45 for better security


Now install the most efficient biometric security system for your business, the CMITech EF-45. Screencheck is the authorized dealers for CMITech in Saudi Arabia.


Iris recognition system has proven for securing various businesses by implementing reliable biometric security protocols in various high-risk sectors like aviation, border patrol and defense. Iris recognition system in Saudi Arabia has found further application in the retail industry with the increase in demand.


The banking and financial sector has adopted this system wholeheartedly because of its robustness and the advantages it provides in cutting costs and making processes more streamlined.


Iris recognition technology captures the intricate iris patterns with the help of an iris-scanning device. This data is then digitalized and stored in a database for future reference along with some other parameters like name and address. Iris data is more reliable and durable because the iris is covered by a protective sheath that protects it from damaged. Due to this durability iris recognition system requires only a single enrolment. Other technologies are subjected to wear and tear due to the nature of the work environment, which requires repeated enrolment.


CMITech EF-45 is designed for access control and time and attendance process with a priority on user experience and security. The CMITech EF-45 is, therefore, one of the best reliable biometric solutions, which can be availed from trusted dealers like Screencheck. The devices use the most advanced technology in capturing iris images with great precision and quality for identification. CMITech EF-45 can achieve 99.5% success in capturing iris pattern through a great user interface.


The new device replaces the LED positioning feedback system with a highly innovative face display method. Individuals can be identified using their own face displayed on a 5.0-inch display with simple instructions to follow. The technology has been inspired by how you take a mobile selfie. This method makes the capturing process much more intuitive for all users, and therefore the failure-to-capture rates are greatly reduced.


The new CMITech EF-45 comes with few impressive features like an improved depth of 10 cm, and a stand-off range of 35 to 45 cm. The design allows the device to be installed on any flat front surface and runs fully autonomous with enough storage space for biometric patterns.  The kiosk version that sits on the flat front surface of any kiosk; the device’s fully autonomous operation mode which safely stores the biometric patterns of users and quickly allows comparisons from n number of data. The CMITech-45 modifies and adapts the screens that are presented to the user based on the needs of each application.


Screencheck offers a wide range of biometric security solutions, which are useful for the changing business environment. The CMITech- 45 is displayed at the showroom or order through the official website CMITech EF-45N-Dual IRIS Recognition System.