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Hotels in Dubai use video surveillance for monitoring guest and employees. Video surveillance with visitor management system can yield better hospitality results.


Surveillance cameras are seen almost everywhere nowadays, be that a residential area or a commercial establishment. Customers demand security cameras along with security alarm and automation system so that they can watch visitors and happenings in the residential complex. In elite resorts and apartments, it would be a tedious job for security personal to always walk, check around and be vigil 24×7. People have a video surveillance system installed around their house to get confirmation about arrivals and departures.


In some surveillance system, the video is integrated with voice recognition software so that visitors can talk to the person through a microphone and can also be seen through the video output channel. Many people are using a surveillance camera system in their houses, starting from the gates. When on one hand, the video surveillance system is quite effective in monitoring the activities happening inside the houses, the primary application of such surveillance is done in the large commercial establishments.


Commercial spaces always welcome unpredicted and unseen amount of people. There will be a high inflow of people who wants to buy products, attend a meeting or to avail any service.


Since such establishments allow free entry, it is justified to keep a watch on them through surveillance cameras. The concept of the surveillance camera system is highly prevalent in retail stores, so much so that customers are watched continuously along with a close eye on the employees and their activities. This helps in increasing the productivity of your businessmen and also look for fraudulence within your premise.


Industrial units are now installing surveillance camera system around. Screencheck is providing the most trusted brand of video surveillance systems to its customers. It is now possible for the management to keep an eye on resources and human management. Warehouse management with a surveillance camera and warehouse management software can help the management in tracking its assets, check for unauthorized entries and boost up the productivity. Businesses are seen to be profiting heavily by investing in video surveillance system which costs much less than what would be lost to thefts and illegal transactions. It has been a benefit on part of everybody to have a surveillance camera system installed in different places. Advanced systems can be on the higher side of the costs but still, the investment is worth the benefits.


Video surveillance in Hotels


Well designed comprehensive video surveillance allows hotel staff members and security teams to prevent break-ins and track visitors. Hotels have bars, restaurants and other services including hosting events like marriage, reunion or conference which invites large people which can cause security issues.  Outdoor amenities such as pools, tennis courts, gardens, and golf course also attract their very own following of unofficial visitors, and all of these extra people warrant extra attention from hotel staff and security team employees. Keeping an eye on every visitor isn’t a good idea and it might welcome discomfort. It is therefore recommended to install surveillance cameras at vantage points for the management to keep an eye on every visitor remotely.


Premium customers in elite and luxury hotels always appreciate added security systems like the surveillance camera. Guests may travel with important documents or computer equipment, as well as expensive jewellery and wardrobe items. Security teams equipped with video stations and recording devices can monitor any obvious intruders upon hotel grounds and premises, and in the event of a theft, respond quickly and effectively to detain the perpetrator. Video footage is strong evidence and undeniable truth when it comes to law enforcement.  Video surveillance system helps to capture and convict the criminals.


In today’s competitive hotel industry sector, it is essential to provide the best service for each customer. Allowing guest to relax completely by providing them with a sense of security can help increase the standard of the hotel. Hotels catering to high profile clients and celebrities know the importance of keeping a close watch on unregistered guests and other intruders who may disturb the peace or even threaten the hotel’s clientele.


Video coverage and live surveillance are both integrated now to give a comprehensive solution for the customers. By adding a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to the camera system, security video feeds can be broadcast over the internet. Simply connecting the security system video feed to a hotel’s internal network allows security team members and hotel staff to monitor the live feed from anywhere in the hotel, making instant security updates and real-time staff coordination real quick.